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What Amendment 2 Wiring Rules mean for electrical contractors

New A2 Amendments to the Wiring Rules mean changes for how electricians and electrical contractors go about their day-to-day business.

The changes to the Wiring Rules will have an impact on how electrical work must be carried out in a range of areas.

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What are the changes

What the changes mean for your business

When to the changes come into effect in my State

How to find out more about the changes

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What are the changes?

 There are significant changes in relation to Amendment 2.  These include changes to:

  • Powered testing of RCDs.
  • Switchboard verification requirements.
  • Lighting circuits changes.
  • New requirements for common residential areas.
  • Changing lights from hardwired to plug and socket during replacement is classed as a repair.
  • IPX4 changes for non-domestic bathroom equipment changes.
  • Power boards, extension leads, and double adaptors banned in certain spaces.
  • AC type RCDs to be phased out.

There are also new clauses on rooms specifically designed for switchboards, on switchboard doors being secured in the open position, the mandatory polarity testing and correct circuit connections being combined.

Similarly, when mandatory Section 8 testing is required documented and saved Use of Test sheets are now recommended to be kept.


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What the changes mean your business

It is important that all electrical contractors and workers are aware of these changes. Both employer and employees can face the legislated penalties including possible license suspensions or fines if they breach the rules.

The changes will impact cost to customers and may require new wiring installation methods to be undertaken by the electrical worker.


When the changes come into effect


State A2 Amendment Mandatory
ACT 1 November 2021
NSW Immediate
NT 1 November 2021
QLD 1 November 2021
SA 1 November 2021
TAS 1 November 2021
VIC 1 November 2021
WA 1 November 2021


How to find out more

MEA will be discussing the changes and what they mean at free industry briefing sessions taking place across Australia. We will discuss the A2 Amendments as well as proposed changes to the AS/NZS 5033 Solar Installation Standard, charge out rate trends, and local issues.

Find out when the MEA Roadshow is coming to a town near you. https://masterelectricians.com.au/2021roadshow


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