Bushfire Disaster Recovery Services


New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia

2020 Bushfires

When a property is burnt/damaged or exposed to the heat generated by a bushfire, it should have an electrical safety check before electricity is reconnected to the home. There may be dangers not visible to the home owner.

In times of natural disaster unscrupulous fraudsters or tradespeople not qualified for the task may approach you. When dealing with electricity always use an electrical contractor. An electrical contractor is both licensed and insured.

Below are the steps to assist you in accessing an electrical contractor:

  1. Register your details and MEA will arrange for a qualified and insured electrical contractor to contact you.
  2. This is a community service offered by MEA. The electrical contractor will discuss the costs with you before any work commences.

A licensed electrical contractor will be able to test and confirm the property is safe for electricity reconnection.

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