What is Continuing Professional Development?

Continuing Professional Development (CDP) is now a requirement for electrical contractors in Tasmania when renewing their contractor’s license. It’s a government initiative that ensures electrical contractors are continuously improving their industry knowledge, skills and practices to ensure the highest standards of their work and manage any risk to the consumer. CPD is an important factor in minimising the inherent risks of working with electricity as well as ensuring standardisation in the industry and a highly skilled workforce.

What this means for a consumer, is that every time you require an electrical worker in Tasmania, you can be sure they have the most up to date skills and practices to carry out the job in the safest manner.

For an electrical worker, this means every time you renew your license, you will be required to complete CPD as part of the process, to ensure you are up to date on all the current legislation, policy and safe practice.

Why we support Continuing Professional Development

Master Electricians has long advocated for CPD programs, and we strongly believe in the continuous skilling and upskilling of our members and everyone operating in the electrical industry. In Tasmania, we have finalised legislation on the initiative with the state government. We are looking forward to working with other state governments to implement CPD in all states around Australia.

This is an exciting time for the electrical industry, because it will ensure that the workforce evolves with new technology and is up to date with the latest safety practices – which are important factors for those who work in our industry. CPD has been well received by the industry because it offers licensees who have general competence the means to respond to changes in practice and legislation as well as updates to standards and codes – enhancing their knowledge and skills to benefit their work practices.

We make CPD easy for members, helping to complete your license renewal faster and more efficiently by auditing your CPD logbook. This means that we deal with the conversation with the regulator, so you can continue with business as usual. This is just one of the great features we offer our members.

Expressions of Interest are currently being taken for the following courses:

  • Loop Impedance Testing
  • RCD Testing and Fault Finding
  • Test and Tag

Course Dates
Dates and Locations to be confirmed.