Congratulations to our 2019 National Winners!

  • Commercial Project of the Year


    The judging panel would like to congratulate all companies that submitted entries into the Commercial Project of the Year Award. The entries were all of very high standard and all submissions were professionally presented.

    The panel would like to make mention of a highly commendable submission by Alland Group for the Parramatta Auburn redevelopment.

    The winner of this Award is Arnold Electrical & Data Instrumentation – Tony Arnold & Garrick Cripps the exceptional submission was for the Auto Haus Newstead Project.

    The submission of this Project demonstrates excellence in electrical contracting. This site in Newstead (Brisbane) stands as a beacon for all to admire. The features inside this building made this project extremely challenging. The detail in the cabling and engineering were paramount to the end clients requests.

    The project started and then was required to be redesigned with Arnold Electrical staff and others. The challengers with redesigning the project increased pressure on all parties to still comply with the original finish date that was issued by the builder.

    Garrick demonstrated true leadership and they were able to liaise with all stakeholders to deliver the entire electrical package.


    Matt Gill – Lawrence & Hansen
    Vince Whelan – Whelan Electrical
    John Noble – MEA Alumni Member

  • Women in Contracting Award


    Nicola is very proactive with being involved in networking events with other women, not only in the electrical industry but within other affiliated industries.

    Nicola strives to learn as much as she can from her leadership mentors, Women’s Leadership Mentors, Women’s Leadership Program, WIC events, Townsville Women’s Business Circle and fellow colleagues, which shows through her passion and dedication to the electrical industry.

    As a young women in contracting, Nicola has shown proof of her aspiration to advance in our industry from the day she perused employment with Horan and Bird.

    Nicola is very well deserving of the National Women in Contracting Award due to he ongoing support and encouraging towards Master Electricians Australia and Women in the Electrical Industry.


    Laura Hall – Energy Super
    Janelle Miller – A and J Electrical
    Hayley Watkins – Add Staf

  • Residential Project of the Year


    Argus Technologies presented an excellent application of Residential Automation Control in a non-typical application of a luxury house boat. The technology & integration was seamless providing monitoring and control of all electrical services. The level of planning, documentation, and project management was second to none, which resulted in the clients expectations being well exceeded.

    The judges would like to make an honourable mention to NQLD Electrical & Electrotek who also presented outstanding projects for the 2019 MEA Residential Project of the year.


    Paul McFeeters – Schneider Electric
    Darren Ireland – CNW
    Steve Boorer – SDF Electrical

  • Industrial Project of the Year


    An Extremely complex project executed with a high degree of professionalism and attention to detail.

    Steve’s passion & Dedication for his company, employers & Industry were obvious.

    Extremely Professional


    Tony Arnold – Arnolds Electrical & Data Instrumentation
    Aaron Kelso – Hayman’s Electrical
    Bruce Hall – Master Electricians

  • Energy Efficiency Project of the Year


    Linked Group Services have created a mobile off grid power station that consists of solar panels, battery storage with generator back up.

    The power station can be easily transported and installed due to its compact size.

    The modular design provides versatility for many applications including power for off grid communities, remote locations or emergency supply after a natural disaster.


    Jim Butler – Energex
    Michael Reiken – Excel Power
    Simon Ceglinski – Haymans

  • Legrand Apprentice of the Year


    Whilst living overseas working within the hospitality field Roman identified an opportunity to work within the Electrical Industry. This ignited his desire to pursue a career change!

    Upon his return home he sought a career within the Electrical trade.

    Roman re-commenced his apprenticeship within Solar Service Guys as a mature aged apprentice.

    The judges were impressed with his drive, tenacity and overall aptitude which sets him in great stead to filter his career within the Electro – technology field.


    Peter Ashurst – Legrand
    Michel Leonard – Legrand
    Nadia Holt – Add Staff
    Colin Gibson – Master Electricians

  • Lance Cislowski Memorial Electrician of the Year


    Judges thought Matthew was a down to earth Individual, very team and development focused to provide the best results for the business.

    Well rounded confident electrician with the making of a great future Master Electrician.


    Tony Arnold – Arnold Electrical & Data Instrumentation
    Adrian Barr – Schneider Electric
    Sue Sheppard – Electrogroup
    Colin Gibson – Master Electricians

  • Master Electrician of the Year


    The judging panel would like to make mention of a highly commendable submission by Wilco Electrical – Frank Mitchell – Western Australia. A very close second place.

    Solar Service Guys ‘Peter Matthews” says being a Tier 1 contractor to the larger clients requires a level of service that must be maintained, and this can’t be done without our highly skilled full time staff of 30 and approved subcontractors. Peter believes their ethos of “hire for attitude and train for skills” is Solar Service Guys key to success.

    Solar Service Guys are established industry leaders in Operations and Maintenance within the solar space as well as large scale field deployment specialists for retailers like Origin Energy, ERM and Red Energy along with manufacturers like ABB and Canadian Solar.

    Peter is passionate about giving 110% delivery, doing it right or don’t do it all.

    He says….We embrace technology at every chance we can, our HSEQ system uses office 365 SharePoint and we use “flow” to manage documents and process.

    Embracing technology has allowed us to remove paper from audits and compliance requirements and now everything is managed effectively within our cloud platform

    We are always striving for ways to improve our systems and processes and recently joined up with Electrical Safety Office to be part of their safety leadership at work program, as another way to improve our company culture and front line leaders.


    Gregory Skyring – QEOS
    Leo Ward – PDSS
    Murray Bell – Energy Super


2019 State Winners

  • Western Australia

    Western Australia’s 2019 Excellence Awards Winners


    Industrial Project of the Year Award

    Congratulations to Steve Villier, S & K Electrical Contracting

    ‘The level of safety achieved was outstanding and helped S & K Electrical Contracting secure future projects of similar or greater value while maintaining a secure financial portfolio.’



    Commercial Project of the Year Award

    Congratulations to Wei Lim, West State Electrics

    ‘A higher than normal safety risk working on multiple roofs without incident showed a level of safety management that was exemplary.’



    Women in Contracting Award

    Congratulations to Michelle Griffiths, Laser Electrical Bunbury (centre)

    ‘Michelle brings a different dynamic to the electrical industry. Michelle is not only responsible for HR / Payroll, marketing, customer service, process control and improvement, she also provides pastoral care to her staff who she genuinely cares about and wants to develop.’


    Energy Efficiency Project of the Year Award

    Congratulations to Frank Mitchell, Wilco Electrical

    ‘This project from Frank and the Wilco Electrical team is a unique and Australian first, that helps provide clean, safe drinking water to remote communities.’



    Legrand Apprentice of the Year Award

    Congratulations to Joshua Gray, S & K Electrical Contracting

    ‘Joshua has excelled in managing his days and challenges that are presented. He has a high ambition to further his career within the industry. He is highly regarded by his employer and all his peers.’



    Residential Project of the Year Award

    Congratulations to Matthew Blagden, Prolecko

    ‘Matthew achieved high level customer satisfaction on a challenging project, designed to meet clients’ disabilities’.



    Electrician (Tradie) of the Year Award

    Congratulations to Darren Jesnoewski, RNM Solutions

    ‘Darren is adept at managing teams of electricians but also realizes the role of being a mentor to the apprentices he looks after. While Darren loves being on the tools, he has an eye to the future and looks forward to enhancing his skills as he moves into a design role.’


    Master Electrician of the Year Award

    Congratulations to Wilco Electrical (award accepted by Frank Mitchell)

    ‘Judges were extremely impressed by the level of professionalism and high standards displayed by Wilco Electrical, including community impact, style of culture, business diversity and industry vision.’


  • Victoria / Tasmania

    Victoria & Tasmania 2019 Excellence Awards Winners


    Commercial Project of the Year Winner

    Congratulations to Ben Weston, Byrd Electrical

    ‘This was an extremely challenging project requiring high attention to detail. The finished product had a wow factor and far exceeded the clients’ expectations. Ben delivered the project with professionalism and passion.’



    Women in Contracting Award

    Congratulations to Sally Liddell, Right Connection Electrical

    ‘Sally has exceptional skills in time management – working on the tools, running her business, leading a team, quoting, invoicing and marketing, Sally does it all. She is passionate about her trade and being an advocate for other woman to join the industry, a deserving recipient of this award.’


    Energy Efficiency Project of the Year Award

    Congratulations to John Kurta, Kuga Electrical

    ‘Kuga Electrical are an outstanding example of matching the energy efficient needs of the client on a large-scale project, especially as the project was complex in its planning and execution whilst being delivered with substantial financial benefit.’


    Legrand Apprentice of the Year Award

    Congratulations to Chris Hargrave, Britton Electrical Solutions

    ‘Chris has a great relationship with his boss and refers to him as his inspiration. He has been an active participant in the implementation of ME training and safety connect in the business. Chris looks forward to completing his apprenticeship and working his way into a leadership role with his employer.’


    Residential Project of the Year Award

    Congratulations to Robert Urpis, Argus Technologies (right)

    ‘The project was a state-of-the-art home automation on a 4-storey houseboat. A unique project with many hurdles to overcome including managing the electricians living away from home and working in a dry dock where there was an established electrical contractor. A great team effort.’


    Electrician (Tradie) of the Year Award

    Congratulations to Clinton Richards, Clinton Richards Electrical

    ‘Clinton is a big believer in education and learning from his peers. He was a finalist last year in this category, has gone away, focused on key areas of development and returned a better businessman and tradesman. He has increased business profits and delivers excellent service to his customers.’


    Master Electrician of the Year Award

    Congratulations to Argus Technologies and Robert Urpis

    ‘Argus Technologies are at the forefront of technology, priding itself on energy efficiency and internal safety systems. A worthy winner of Master Electrician of the Year.’



  • South Queensland

    South Queensland 2019 Excellence Awards Winners


    Commercial Project of the Year Winner

    Congratulations to Garrick Cripps, Arnold Electrical and Data Installations

    ‘Garrick and the team are deserved winners of this category. The depth of design and management at a difficult, put together by a dedicated team to prove excellence in the electrical industry.’



    Women in Contracting Award

    Congratulations to Donna Pickford, Electrogroup

    ‘Donna shows strength and drive with her commitment to her employer but also those who are impacted most by her day to day decisions – her students.’



    Residential Project of the Year Award

    Congratulations to David Corkery, Electrotek (QLD)

    ‘Electrotek QLD delivered an extremely high end residential Electrical installation, with excellence demonstrated in all areas of the project delivery including design, project management, business management and financial stewardship.’



    Legrand Apprentice of the Year Award

    Congratulations to Roman Kasjan, Solar Service Guys

    ‘As a mature aged apprentice with a young family Roman’s tenacity commitment and appreciation for his employer and industry is evident in his presentation. He has solid plans for his future and how he intends to achieve these goals.’



    Industrial Project of the Year Award

    Congratulations to Shayne Farrelly & Peter Gormley, Whelan Electrical Services

    ‘Shayne and Peter displayed strong dedication to their project, and made things happen in a very complex situation while dealing with a number of specialist sub-contractors needed to complete the job’



    Energy Efficiency Project of the Year Award

    Congratulations to Ryan Stoddart, Stoddart Electrical

    ‘Stoddart Electrical delivered an outstanding project, providing valuable savings to their client. Whilst completing the project, Ryan delivered the best, most affordable and safest outcome for his client.’



    Electrician (Tradie) of the Year Award

    Congratulations to Ryan Stoddart, Stoddart Electrical

    ‘Ryan is a passionate second-generation Electrician who values the experience, knowledge and workmanship that his Father Scott Stoddart has instilled at very early age. Ryan continues to embrace new systems that drive growth in Stoddart Electrical. He credits some of the recent success in their business to all the 1%’ers and motivation gained from attending his first Master Electricians Conference in Hobart 2018.’

    Master Electrician of the Year Award

    Congratulations to Solar Service Guys and Peter Matthews

    ‘According to Peter Matthews, being a Tier 1 contractor to larger clients requires a level of service that must be maintained.  This can’t be done without our highly skilled full-time staff of 30 and approved subcontractors. Peter believes their ethos of hire for attitude and train for skills is Solar Service Guys’ key to success.


  • South Australia

    South Australia 2019 Excellence Awards Winners

    Commercial Project of the Year Winner

    Ray Wadsworth, Island Electrics
    Island Electrics successfully tendered and were awarded the project working for the Adelaide based builder, a coup for the Kingscote based business. This project involved electrical reticulation, security/CCTV, voice & DATA. The electrical scope crossed over with many areas of the project including A/C, plumbing & baggage handling systems. The quality of the finished build and its appearance can only be achieved with attention to detail & the initial foundation to the project being well delivered.

    Ray’s team of 5 successfully completed all electrical work including automation for the luggage conveyor. The project was completed to budget and on time._

    Women in Contracting Award

    Brooke Green, Glow Heating Cooling Electrical
    Brooke is a passionate people person and likes to see her staff grow. Not only in their business role, but as individuals in their own lives – watching a young apprentice start and then seeing them buy their own first house!

    Brooke has a real passion for her business and its people. Her management of business growth and the innovation applied to handle that was a stand-out.

    Residential Project of the Year Award

    Garry Nau, GESA
    The homeowners wanted to extend their residence so their elderly parents could move in.  They wanted usable living space for the whole family.

    As you well know, residential work often uncovers challenges.  GESA were able to address these.  Using their job management system, the team could quote on the go, have the variation signed off and the job done with minimal fuss and no interruption to the client who moved back in early. All this while maintaining a high standard of work and safety for all parties involved.

    Legrand Apprentice of the Year Award

    Matthew Weninger, Electric Results
    Matthew knew he wanted to be a tradie but was unsure of which trade to choose.   He decided that electrical intrigued him the most providing career diversity.

    After always wanting to be in the trade and starting his working career in the food industry Matthew got a kick start with an electrical apprenticeship. With plenty of dedication and skill he has really applied his understanding of customer service and what is required. With the appropriate leadership and training he will develop into a great electrician.

    Energy Efficiency Project of the Year Award

    Troy Smith, Electric Results
    This project was part of an overall energy efficiency initiative that includes replacement of lighting with LED, Solar and Building management systems of a major hospital. Electric Results replaced over 1200 lights throughout public areas, patient rooms, plantrooms and operating theatres.

    Troy’s team worked closely with the Hospital as both project manager and contractor to progressively upgrade lighting in many sections of the hospital to current LED technology.  Electric Results ability to manage safety in a working hospital and meet infection control requirements was a key factor in the awarding of the contract. The project was delivered on time meeting or exceeding the original brief.

    Electrician (Tradie) of the Year Award

    Ryan Gregor, RCG Electrical
    Ryan grew up in country South Australia. After learning many valuable lessons, he decided he wanted to own a business.  He researched and planned meticulously & with the help of business coaching he was able to develop business skills which are not taught as an apprentice.

    With the help of Greg Allan & Troy Smith Ryan was able to grow his business faster than he had imagined. He entered these awards to show the people who have invested time in helping him build his business how valuable it has been.

    Master Electrician of the Year Award

    RCG Electrical and Ryan Gregor
    RCG Electrical Services is an electrical company based in the Western suburbs of Adelaide. They pride themselves on their relationships with clients & suppliers, their prompt & professional service and ability to connect & educate the broader community on the risks of electricity.

    Ryan’s innovation around the development of his on-line marketing has led to a solid customer base now with a steady flow of referral business.

  • New South Wales

    New South Wales 2019 Excellence Awards Winners


    Commercial Project of the Year Winner

    Congratulations to Boris Samardzioski, Alland Group

    ‘This project involved the refurbishment, re-orientation and fit out of multiple tenancies across approximately 10,000m2.  Alland Group completed a design and construct package of new high end electrical works that included light and power, Cat 6 communications, intelligent lighting control, LED lighting, new Main Switchboard and Distribution Boards.’

    Women in Contracting Award

    Congratulations to Stephanie Dipietrantonio, Platinum Electricians Wetherill Park

    ‘Stephanie is a highly skilled woman with diverse talents, and her contribution to the Electrical industry is outstanding. We can see a bright future ahead.’


    Residential Project of the Year Award

    Congratulations to Gareth Felton, GreenElec

    ‘Gareth’s project was selected to give credence to his team in running two identical houses side by side at the same.

    The resulting high-end finishes were achieved by working with Architects, builders, the designer and customer to create a quality project running over two years.

    Gareth’s use of the ME safety system as well as adhering to high level of OH&S ensured a safe working environment.

    With site difficulty of cable placement , pre planning was essential in obtaining the high results.  The very high sell price was testament to his team and the high finishes they were able to achieve.’

    Legrand Apprentice of the Year Award

    Congratulations to Max Domanski, GreenElec

    ‘Max was able to demonstrate a thorough knowledge of his work & was able to confidently articulate the details around his work. He has displayed a level of maturity over & above the expectations of a 3rd year apprentice, which is highlighted by the trust instilled in him by his employer to undertake & complete the level of tasks assigned to him.’

    Industrial Project of the Year Award

    Congratulations to Tony Cusack, TPA Electrical

    ‘This project involved installation of power and data for 17 Electric Vehicle charging stations across two basement carparks and the external building of Hyundai Motor Company Australia headquarters to facilitate EV charging stations.

    TPA strategically placed the locations of the EV charging stations and submitted drawings along with locations of cable trays, distribution boards and communications to enable Hyundai to approve the project.’

    Energy Efficiency Project of the Year Award

    Congratulations to Anthony Kurta, Kuga Electrical

    ‘Maxton Fox contacted Kuga Electrical to help develop a solar power and energy efficiency solution.  Kuga was able to install a 300kw solar system and a range of LED lighting upgrades across the site.  Both the solar and LED installed is calculated to save Maxton Fox approximately 70% off their lighting bills and including the solar installation it is calculated that they will save $105K per year.’

    Electrician (Tradie) of the Year Award

    Congratulations to Joel Darlington, Frog Electrical Solutions

    ‘Joel was selected as Tradie of the Year due to his wide variety of ability and his dedication to the trade, all while maintaining customer satisfaction and safety as paramount.’


     Master Electrician of the Year Award

    Congratulations to Langen Group and Adrien Langen

    ‘After a tough start to his trade, Adrian has showed strength to his team for future growth, education and development in the Langen Group.

    Through the use of software systems, his team is updated continually on current projects –  keeping up to date with energy efficiency and monitoring and providing best energy solution outcomes.

    The Langen Group empowers their team and creates a positive culture through their staff with rewards both professionally and personally, encouraging all staff to take ownership of their task.’

  • North Queensland

    North Queensland 2019 Excellence Awards Winners


    Commercial Project of the Year Winner

    Congratulations to David Corkery, Electrotek QLD

    Electrotek were recognised and praised for their work by stakeholders including the Queensland Police Service.

    The team was able to overcome challenges that presented during the project including the installation of a 6 tonne UPS two floors up. David and the Electrotek team maintained the building operation during construction, delivering the project within a 12 week period over Christmas, while dealing with severe weather conditions.

    Women in Contracting Award

    Congratulations to Nicola McCarron, Horan & Bird

    Nicola is an incredibly motivated, positive and empathetic individual who brings a genuine enthusiasm to her team. Her greatest achievement is her promotion to the role of manager at the age of 23. Nicola has the passion, insight, tools and opportunities for leadership in her career ahead.

    Residential Project of the Year Award

    Congratulations to Michael Saunders, NQ Electrical

    The judges were impressed with Michael’s ability to design and construct within a limited floorplan and to preserve and maintain historical site surrounding the client’s property. It was a unique project delivered on time and to budget.

    Forward planning, team engagement and Michael’s efforts to go the extra mile to satisfy client requirements were standout features of this residential project.

    Legrand Apprentice of the Year Award

    Congratulations to Chloe Field, Barcam Electrical Service

    Chloe is an impressive young lady who had direction in life from an early age. Her passion shines through and she has talked about wanting to be a tradesperson from year eight.

    Chloe demonstrated her eagerness for learning, from both her fellow tradesmen and from her TAFE teachers. Chloe has embraced her role as apprentice electrician at Barcam.

    Safety is at the forefront of her daily routine. Chloe hopes to remain in the industry for a long time and in her words said “I love the industry and my role as an apprentice”.

    Industrial Project of the Year Award

    Congratulations to Trent White, TW Electrical & HV Services

    The project was situated at Mt Bellenden Kerr, Queensland’s second highest mountain. In addition to the remote location, the team dealt with extreme conditions including low level cloud, high winds and steep terrain.

    TW Electrical had to ensure continuous operation of the Broadcast Australia facility and infrastructure which provides service for TV, radio and emergency communication services. The project required complex coordination of services and consideration of meteorological and aviation risks to ensure airlifts were coordinated and safety ensured.

    It was successful project, delivered by a great team with assistance from third parties and has helped TW Electrical to secure repeat work from the client.

    Energy Efficiency Project of the Year Award

    Congratulations to Jason Sharam, Linked Group Services

    The Linked Group Services portable power plant provides a solution for remote power. It enables the replacement of diesel generation with renewable energy, reducing ongoing maintenance and fuel costs.

    Manufactured in-house in their Mackay workshop, the power plant is customisable to suit the clients’ needs and also provides a significant reduction in site-based risks and delays.

    The portable power plant is a practical and well-engineered use of solar and battery storage technologies.

    Electrician (Tradie) of the Year Award

    Congratulations to Matthew Pinney, Horan & Bird

    Matthew is a loyal and honest tradesman. He manages the day to day operations of Horan & Bird by looking at what is in front of him and addressing issues as they occur.

    Matthew is not only a good sparky but is a great leader and trainer of the next generation of tradies.

    Master Electrician of the Year Award

    Congratulations to Ross Waterson, Barcam Electrical Service

    The panel of judges were extremely impressed by Ross. Ross is a very humble and hard-working family man. His commitment to the safety and ongoing training of his staff is first class. His desire to support his local community is strong, and Barcam’s sponsorship of local sporting groups and CQ Rescue is admirable.

    Ross is a team player and is quick to explain that he doesn’t do it all on his own. He genuinely cares for his staff and his clients.

    Ross’s passion for the industry shines through. He loves what he does and describes himself as a typical Aussie bloke living the dream!


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