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What is the Master Program?

The Master Program provides participants with a complete journey of business support and improvement via 24 activities over a two-year period (one activity per month).  Participants will be proactively supported through the program by an MEA Facilitator and supplied with business tools and learning materials to help you run a safe, profitable and sustainable business.

Who is eligible to join?

The program is open to all electrical contractors including current Master Electricians.

Does the Master Program include a safety system?

Yes, all participants will be enrolled into ME Safety – free of charge.  ME Safety access within the Master Program provides licences for Managers, Workers and Office/Admin personnel (number of licences based on the size of your business); plus other important benefits including 50% off Management Liability Insurance through Austbrokers Comsure Insurance Brokers.  For more information on ME Safety inclusions and benefits, please visit ME Safety here.

Will my Facilitator understand my business?

Our Facilitators are electricians by trade, with extensive industry experience. They understand your mindset and challenges and have been trained to facilitate your journey.

How much does the Master Program cost?

For more information on program costs, please refer to our pricing guide here.

How does the Program work?

There are 24 key activities within the program, one activity per month.

We understand you are busy running your business, that’s why we space the activities out and provide the support necessary for you to learn and master each activity. The program is focussed on delivering value to your business.

Compare the features and support provided through the MEA Master Program and Membership

Do I progress to a Silver then Gold Master Electrician if I join the Master Program?

Yes! Your dedicated MEA Facilitator will assess your progress at the end of year one.  If you have successfully completed all year-one program steps and are complying with the Safety requirements mandated in the program, you’ll progress to a Silver Master Electrician.  Upon completion of the entire two-year program you will become a Gold Master Electrician if you have met all requirements of the Master Program and successfully complete a quality and safety assessment.

Is the Master Program the same as the Industry Recognition Program?

No. The Industry Recognition Program recognises your commitment to safety (system, processes and procedures) and tenure, and the Master Program is a holistic business support program providing quality tools to lift and protect your business. Upon completion of the program, you will become a Gold Master Electrician.

What is TheCUBE business tool and how does it work?

TheCUBE is a digital tool that can provide enormous business support.  You’ll receive guidance and coaching to assist you with set-up, plus support to set your business and personal objectives and short, medium and long-term goals. You’ll learn various ways the platform can add value, and have the know-how to analyse your business and conduct ‘what if’ scenario testing. You’ll be able to deep dive into your P&L and develop action plans.

Can I skip any activities in the Master Program?

No – all activities within the Master Program have been carefully designed to provide participants with the knowledge, tools and skills to build and grow a safe, profitable and sustainable business. If you feel that some activities may not apply to your business, please discuss this with your MEA Facilitator.

What happens when I complete the Master Program?

Upon completion of the Master Program, you’ll automatically transition to the Advantage Program. The Advantage Program includes an annual Advantage Gold Assessment.  We want to continue working with you to maintain high quality systems to protect you, your business, your customers and the Master Electrician brand.


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