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What is JETCO?

The Joint Electrical Training Council (JETCO) is CIRTs associated training fund. JETCO offers subsidies to eligible employees who complete training related to the electrical contracting industry to assist with the costs of completing these courses.


Approved JETCO Training Courses

Training which would be generally considered to be acceptable would be any training course that is a requirement for the electrical contracting industry. This may include post trade electrical training, training for electrical contractor’s licences, work site safety training and licence training course. Employees working in the tree clearing industry may also have additional course related to their industry available.

Other industry provided modules or training relating to the electrical contracting industry may also qualify for reimbursement.


For more information about approved courses, eligibility, and potential reimbursements available (for employers) contact the JETCO fund administrators.

Please Note:

  • JETCO is not able to cover apprenticeship training
  • Only genuine, reasonable, individual and market rate training expenses can be subsidised. Other charges including assessment fees, licence fees, books, credit card charges, GST, etc. cannot be reimbursed
  • Training courses must be nationally recognised and completed at a Registered Training Organisation (RTO).