Webinar Troubleshooting

MEA uses Skype business, all platforms including Skype and Skype Meetings can connect with Skype business. To connect you will need:

  • The latest version of Skype.
  • Your Skype account to be linked to a Microsoft account. You can see if your account is linked to a Microsoft account in your account settings. If it isn’t, find out how to link your accounts.
  • The email address of the Skype for Business user you wish to contact.

Solve Audio output issues

If you can’t hear the presenter at all, your playback device may not be selected.

Watch this short video for the detailed instructions about how to check your audio and video settings, or follow the steps below.

  1. On the lower-left side of the Skype for Business main window, choose Audio Device Settings.
  2. You may want to select a different device for audio to test the audio output. This selection opens separate drop-down menus for Speaker and Microphone.
  3. In the Speakers drop-down list, choose the playback device you want to use. If you only have your computer’s built-in speakers, you’ll see one option in the drop-down list. If you’re using headphones or external speakers, make sure you choose the correct option.
  4. Choose the play icon to test your speakers.

  • Make a test call.

Note: This feature is not yet available for Skype for Business Online users.

  • On the lower-left side of the Skype for Business main window, choose Check Call Quality.

If you can hear the voice on the test call, then your audio is working fine.

If you can’t hear the voice on the test call, continue with these steps to check your audio settings in Skype for Business.

  • Check your Windows settings.
    Make sure the speaker volume isn’t muted and is high enough for you to hear it.

    • Choose the loudspeaker icon at the bottom-right of the screen to adjust the volume.

The volume slider control is for the system default playback device. If you have multiple playback devices, Skype for Business might be using a different one. To change the volume for other devices, right-click the loudspeaker icon and choose Playback devices. Right-click the device Skype for Business uses and choose Properties. Then on the Levels tab, use the slider control to adjust the volume.

If these steps haven’t helped, you might have a problem with your Windows audio settings. Microsoft has a tool to automatically diagnose and fix audio problems.

Check your connection.

If there are gaps or delays in the audio, it might be your Internet connection (or the other participant’s) causing the problem. See solve your connection issues in this guide.