2022 Flood Crisis Assistance

Help Finding a Licenced Electrical Contractor Following Flooding

Master Electricians Australia (MEA) is assisting the Queensland Government and Queensland and New South Wales residents with getting the power back on, following the recent flooding.

For Home Owners/Consumers

MEA is coordinating the linking of consumers with registered electrical contractors. This provides home owners with peace of mind as these are electrical contractors licensed to undertake this work. Once you register your details, MEA will provide your contact information to a local electrical contractor who will make arrangements directly with you.

Below are the steps to assist you in accessing an electrical contractor:

  1. Register your details and MEA will arrange for a qualified and insured electrical contractor to contact you.
  2. This is a community service offered by MEA. The electrical contractor will discuss the costs with you before any work commences.

New South Wales – getting the power back on is a two-step process:

Step 1.  An electrical contractor must complete a safety and compliance inspection.  This will indicate if the home is safe to have the power turned back on, or what work is required to make the home safe.

Step 2.  Once your home is safe, the contractor will provide you with a copy of the ‘Certificate of Compliance for Electrical Work’ and the power will be reconnected.

There are fees involved:

  • A fee to the electrical contractor to come on-site and do the safety and compliance inspection and if further work is required to make the home safe (if you have house insurance, this may be covered under your insurance)
  • A fee to Essential Energy for the re-connection.  Essential Energy have indicated they will reimburse the reconnection fee up to $350 (full details here).

Residents in Queensland and New South Wales may be eligible for assistance to reconnect services.

A range of support State and Federal Government grants and loans for eligible individuals and businesses are available.

If you have been flooded, the Federal Government website moneysmart.gov.au has advice regarding the first steps to take after a natural disaster.

A licensed electrical contractor will be able to test and confirm the property is safe for electricity reconnection. If you have an electrical contractor you currently use and would to check they are licenced, feel free to call MEA on 1300 889 198.


Access MEA’s Flood Repair Fact Sheet to assist with important decisions you must make while assessing flood damage to your home or business, plus other essential safety information during severe weather including electrical safety during storms and post-storm clean-up.

Access Queensland Government Community Hub locations here to speak with community recovery workers, apply for grants and be referred to other support organisations.

Electrical Contractors

If you are a Master Electrician or an electrical contractor and are able to help flood impacted residents with your paid services in your local area, please register your details below. MEA will contact you with further information.

Important: You must have a current Electrical Contractor Licence and Public Liability Insurance to register.

MEA is delivering a community service linking flood impacted consumers with a licensed electrical contractor. MEA does not warrant the work. The contractual relationship is between the consumer and the licensed electrical contractor. MEA has confirmed the contractors hold a current contractors licence.