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Who We Are

Master Electricians Australia

Established in 1937 as the Electrical Contractors Association, our organisation has been representing electrical contractors for 80 years, making it one of the longest-standing industry associations of its kind.

Despite our experience, we know that having a history doesn’t mean living in the past, especially in a rapidly developing industry.

In 2008, Master Electricians Australia was established out of a need for a national approach to industry leadership and development. Since then the Master Electricians brand has become a hallmark that inspires trust for electrical contractors and consumers nationally.

We are a dynamic and modern trade association recognised by industry, government and the community as the electrical industry’s leading business partner, knowledge source and advocate.

Master Electricians Australia connects electrical contractors with local services to build business success, providing industry development and representation across Australia. We support our members by delivering first-rate industry advice, expertise and services.

Our mission is to champion safety, excellence, trust and confidence in the electrical industry and community.

Find out more by contacting us on 1300 889 198 or use our online contact form.

Business Values

Vision Statement

The Industry voice and the Electrician’s choice.

Mission Statement

The electrical industry and community advocate creating a point of difference for our members by delivering education, safety and business support.

Annual Reports

Master Electricians Australia produces a report for each financial year detailing its financial position and achievements. It includes financial reports and statements for Master Electricians Association Limited ACN 163 222 642 and Master Electricians Association Queensland ABN 40 669 256 171.

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Code of Ethics

The Australian Electrical Industry relies on the integrity and quality of Licensed Electrical
Contractors. As a Master Electrician you must set an example of the qualities that
customers and the regulator would desire.

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