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Employee inductions: what to do when hiring

employee inductionA business’s new employee induction processes are an important part of employee and safety management.

But every business must review their induction process to make sure it is working, and up to date.

An employee induction process should ensure:

  • The new workers feel part of the company;
  • The new workers understand your expectations of them;
  • The new employee understands safety requirements and can perform tasks asked of them;
  • Your business promotes safe work practice;
  • Your administrative processes are correct and up to date.

It is important to make sure your new employee can perform all the tasks you need them to perform. You should not assume they can do them based off their resume alone.

You should assess if your employee is able to carry out the tasks when you induct them.

Regularly reviewing your induction processes means you will be able to make sure your business is successfully inducting new employees.


Build an employee induction pack

An induction pack can help a new employee better understand the company, their colleagues, and how they fit in.

The pack can be given to a new employee on their first day. They should include:

  • An organisation chart with current roles and employees’ names
  • Copies of any marketing materials – such as brochures;
  • Staff contact list;
  • Safety induction – including evacuation procedures;
  • Security access.


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