Why use a Master Electrician

Master Electricians Australia sets the benchmark of excellence for the electrical contracting industry in Australia. We are a not-for-profit organisation working to ensure Master Electricians possess and continue to retain the skills that keep them at the forefront of their industry.

Master Electricians members are given access to expert industry advice, training and services to assist in maintaining high standards and deliver on promises to customers. Master Electricians Australia connects the public with electrical contractors who are committed to best practice and industry improvement.

All members can be recognised by the Master Electricians member logo which  has become the hallmark that inspires trust for electrical contractors and consumers nationally.

This nationwide network of electricians can be found throughout Australia in metro and regional areas including Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney and Perth.

Find your local Master Electrician by using the online booking service.

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Master Electricians are the benchmark for excellence. Why waste your time searching for electrical contractors when we can do it for you? We’ll quickly put your local Master Electrician in contact with you.