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Master Electricians Australia has a team of qualified and experienced technical advisors on call for when you need it most.

Our dedicated team of technical advisors is available for you at any time throughout the day (8am to 5pm, Monday to Friday) and an emergency service is available outside of normal business hours.

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Recent Technical Articles


Hazardous Chemicals and SDS’s
“The use of chemicals in the workplace is commonplace and, in most workplaces and tasks. It would be difficult to work a full day without having been in contact with or, using a chemical of some type in a work process.” Read More


Smoke AlarmSmoke Alarm Requirements
“Smoke alarm laws in domestic premises are a complicated topic, varying from state to state and covered across multiple pieces of legislation and standards” Read More


Manufacturers Instructions
“As tradies we’ve possibly all been guilty of this – open a new product, throw the packaging away, assemble, attempt to install, it doesn’t work and then go searching for the instructions to find out why..” Read More


NBN Data Installations
“Depending on locations, with the ongoing rollout of the nbn, technicians must possess multiple cable testing and fault finding techniques. We discuss common problems on FTTN connections.” Read More


Getting on Top of EWPs
“The choice of the correct type of access system and safe work methods required for these are vital for the wellbeing of those who work at heights.” Read More


Noise and Hearing Loss
“We have all heard about noise but what is it? Generally speaking, noise is unwanted sound. Your favourite music may be noise to someone else, so the term is somewhat subjective.” Read More

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