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Skilling Queenslander for Work Program

Electro Group are offering a training opportunity to start a career path in the Electrical industry. The program commences on Monday 28th November and goes for 12 weeks, with a break for Christmas (17 Dec – 8 Jan), and is designed for participants aged 15 years or older. For more information on the course and how to apply, visit below.

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Master Electricians Mentoring

Master Electricians Mentoring is a joint initiative of Master Electricians Australia and Add Staff.

This partnership allows both teams to combine their industry expertise to develop an electrical apprentice recruitment and mentoring service, including innovative processes and a tailored electronic management system that supports the smooth delivery of a superior apprentice management program.

Master Electricians Mentoring creates highly-skilled electrical apprentices and a brighter future for the electrical industry.

  • What Apprentices in the Program can expect

    This program is for apprentices, or anyone looking for an electrical apprenticeship

    Apprentices in the program can expect:

    • A dedicated apprentice mentor, one contact person for the duration of the apprenticeship. This includes a monthly review to track apprenticeship progression, the coordination of all off-the-job training, and monitoring the apprentice scope to give you a diverse program
    • Mentoring meetings, to discuss college progression, eProfiling, government incentive entitlements, and any general questions or concerns
    • Completion planning, including assistance with application forms to secure an Electrical Workers Licence, the coordination of all parties to plan for an agreed completion meeting date, and a liaison to schedule tutorials and Capstone bookings with your RTO
    • Industry updates, special offers and rewards, and the chance to attend events with like-minded apprentices.


  • What Employers in the Program can expect

    For employers looking for an apprentice

    We offer two levels of service for employers – recruitment and mentoring. Master Electricians Members have the added benefit of a monthly discount on their chosen mentoring package. Enquire below for your special package.

    Apprentice Recruitment

    Our goal to increase apprentice completion rates and minimise the impact of apprentice cancellations is supported by a structured recruitment process for apprentices. The recruitment process is a critical element for determining apprenticeship suitability, incorporating aptitude and job suitability assessments combined with face to face interviews to ensure the apprentice is aware of the 4-year commitment required to successfully complete their apprenticeship.

    Let us do the hard work for you, by pre-selecting three apprentices to meet the needs of your business. Our recruitment services are developed specifically for the electrical industry, and include:

    • Electrical apprentice aptitude and readiness assessments
    • Harrison’s Career Assessment tool. The Harrison Assessment compares candidate answers against the criteria of hundreds of job titles, including over 500 Australian apprenticeships and traineeships. This assessment tool is part of the apprenticeship Gateway Services which is an Australian Government initiative
    • Face-to-face interviews with experienced recruitment specialists
    • Reference checks, identification verification and apprenticeship eligibility criteria evaluation.

    Apprentice Mentoring

    ME Mentoring Apprenticeships provides support to employers and their indentured apprentices for the duration of their apprenticeship contract. This includes the businesses administrative processes, compliance documentation and mentoring your apprentice through their development toward becoming trade qualified.

    Employers have access to three levels of service; outsource as little or as much of the process as is suitable for your business needs and budget. Compare the three in the table below.

Service Provided Apprentice Recruitment  Premium Mentoring Service Standard Mentoring Service Digital Mentoring Service
MEA Member Non-member MEA Member Non-member MEA Member Non-member MEA Member Non-member
Shortlist of 3 x pre-screened apprentices x x
Existing Apprentice Audit x x x x x x
Independent AASN and RTO Consultation Meeting x x x x Telephone consultation
Coordinate Training Contract Induction with AASN x x x x Electronic appointment coordination
Coordinate RTO Training Plan Induction x x x x Electronic appointment coordination
eProfiling, Registration and Internal Process Development x x x x Registration and electronic supprot
End of Probation Meeting x x x x Electronic reminder and end of of probation checklist provided
College bookings and coordination x x x x Electronic reminders
Sourcing and claiming incentives x x x x Electronic reminders
Apprentice Mentoring and Progression Meetings Quarterly, face-to-face meeting Bi-annual, face-to-face meeting Telephone meeting
Fourth Year Apprentice Completion Plan Face-to-face planning and quarterly tracking meeting Face-to-face planning and bi-annual tracking meeting Electronic reminder and completion plan checklist provided
Monthly Apprentice Progression Report x x x x x x

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