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The electrical industry, by nature is a dangerous industry. With growing regulator scrutiny, it has never been more important to ensure you have a compliant safety system.

Master Electricians Australia takes workplace safety and business management to the next level with ME Safety; a program that provides access to functionality never before seen in one single, holistic package. It makes full use of cloud technology and is available on a number of platforms including desktop computers, laptops, tablets and smart phones. If you want to manage and improve workplace safety, ME Safety is the solution you’ve been looking for.

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Support Hotline

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1300 889 198

Safety Tools

Access a wide range of safety tools for your convenience. Keep track of tasks, records, licenses, and more with our user-friendly document management tool.

Safety Documents

Gain access to a collection of templates and documents including SWMS, policies, procedures, and other safety-related materials.

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ME Safety Will Transform the Way You Run Your Business

Manage your safety, quality, environment, and business in one place via a comprehensive system.

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You can also call our ME Safety hotline for assistance with using the platform, or advice on how to use it in your business on 1300 889 198.

 Access Comprehensive Templates, Documents and Tools
  • Business, policy office and workplace manuals
  • Safe Work Method Statement templates
  • Safety data sheets
  • Employer resources e.g. employment contracts
  • Interactive toolbox and safety meeting tutorials
 Forms Accessible by All Employees

Risk assessment and incident forms are accessible by everyone in your business.  With the ability to nominate the roles of managers or workers in your safety profile, electrical verification forms can be created and viewed by your entire team, while risk assessment and incident forms can be accessed and completed by individual employees and viewed by managers only.

 Master Templates Updated Regularly

Get a head start when developing procedures, SWMS and policies.

 Your Business Library

Manage all your safety documents in My Documents, with simple document management functionality.

 Asset Register

Track your safety assets and their inspections, including reminders when inspections are due.

 Licence and Competency

Maintain a record of licences and competencies of your staff, with notifications provided when renewals are due.

 Receive Critical Reminders

Access alerts for critical tasks including licence renewals.

 Discount on Management Liability Insurance

Receive 50% off MLI insurance through Austbrokers Comsure Insurance Brokers*.

Access ME Safety from $2,225.00** annually or $185.42 monthly (incl. GST)

*50% off the insurers standard annual premium rate (subject to insurer’s underwriting acceptance)

**ME Safety subscriptions are based on the size of your business, and is available in either monthly instalments or annually. Refer to ME Safety pricing here for more information.

Safety Services

Our highly skilled Field Support Advisors (FSA’s) are passionate about making your workplace safer. Additional services are available to your business at $132 hour (inc GST).


Safety meetings
Toolbox talks
AS/NZS 4801 safety assessments
AS/NZS3000:2018 briefings
ME Safety implementation assistance
Assistance developing SWMS
Ongoing ME Safety training
On-site external worker audits
Assistance preparing construction plans


HSEQ Certification

HSEQ Certification Program by Master Electricians Australia

The Master Electricians Australia Health, Safety, Environment and Quality (HSEQ) Certification Program is a comprehensive in-house integrated management systems solution for electrical contractors to facilitate third party certification.

This trusted program is consistent with current legislation and Australian and International management systems standards including:


Master Electricians Australia believes every electrical contractor strives for excellence, quality, and integrity in the way they operate and manage their business systems. Master Electricians Australia recognised the need to develop a HSEQ Certification Program.

The integrated HSEQ management system is designed for Master Electricians to implement into their business to obtain certification against the applicable standards through GRS Certification, a JAS-ANZ accredited certifying body.

A major benefit for members in this approach is that the HSEQ system is tailored to the electrical contracting industry and to individual businesses, completely supported by MEA.

The HSEQ Certification Program Team works closely with you to implement the system into your business to ensure it functions as required. The HSEQ Certification Program team centrally manage:

  • Development and issue of all documents
  • Establishing annual goals and objectives
  • Establishing policy statements
  • Records management
  • Internal audits
  • Workplace inspections
  • Legal identification and updates
  • Incident reporting
  • Monitoring corrective and preventive actions
  • Monitoring customer feedback
  • Health surveillance
  • Evaluation of hazard identification process, and
  • Monitoring monthly reports.

MEA will then be audited on these aspects bi-annually, reducing disruption to members and audit durations, and in turn, helping minimize certification costs and interruptions for members.

HSEQ Certification Program provides you with complimentary access to ME Safety with unlimited access for all your staff. Members conduct their own safety and toolbox meetings, with support from MEA who will provide the content as apart of ME Safety Pro. As part of the process, the program will provide up to two-hours’ consultation per month to ensure the system is working effectively within your business. All HSEQ subscribers are Gold Master Electricians.

Third-party certification with GRS Certification

As a leading business assurance organisation, GRS Certification measures conformance against the relevant standards allowing you to demonstrate your commitment to excellence, quality, and integrity in the way you operate and manage your business systems. GRS Certification developed a certification schedule designed to meet the needs of Master Electricians while minimising disruption and inconvenience. Master Electricians will receive their own certificate from GRS Certification.

Master Electricians Australia’s HSEQ Certification Program is unlike any other on the market:

  • Specifically tailored for the electrical industry and managed by a team of industry experts
  • Provides ongoing support
  • Dedicated Technical and Administration Teams working behind the scenes to keep you up-to-date and informed
  • Provides reminders for expiring licenses, competencies, and equipment, and scheduled inspections, audits, evacuations, and meetings
  • Tracks your key obligations
  • Customisable to suit your business: It can be progressively implemented, based upon risk and priorities to your business e.g. safety can be implemented as a stand-alone component, followed by quality and environmental, if required, and
  • Affordable: MEA is a not-for-profit member association, making the fees more affordable for businesses of all sizes.

HSEQ Certification Program

MEA’s HSEQ Certification provides you:

  • Trained and qualified facilitators to implement and run the program as designated
  • Initial administration and training setup
  • A fully facilitated introduction to the HSEQ Certification Program for your nominated management and administrative representative/s, showing how the program works and how to work with the HSEQ Certification Team. The setup meeting, held at your business with yourself and administration team, is to develop a sound commercial understanding of the workings of the HSEQ Certification Program
  • Up to two-hours’ consultation every month
  • Monthly tasks: Centrally managed by HSEQ Certification team
  • Coordination of all activities involved in the program
  • Access to ME Safety including:
    • Business Management Manual: You have access to your own online comprehensive Business Management Manual which encompasses all areas of the business (excluding finance)
    • Material provided for the member to conduct safety and toolbox meetings
  • Annual Surveillance Audit conducted by GRS Certification and re-certification every three years
  • Audit and investigation assistance
  • Continuous improvement of the program to ensure your business adheres to changes and updates required under legislation
  • The Master Electricians Technical Support Team can provide advice on safety and technical issues and assist with interpreting Standards, Acts, and Regulations, and has access to a wide range of relevant literature and information
  • Fee for service is available for additional meetings, consultancy advice and project assistance
  • Management Liability Insurance Cover to protect you against legal costs and court-imposed fines (conditions and excess apply)

Your responsibilities

The following services are your responsibility:

  • Maintaining employee numbers with Master Electricians Australia to ensure GRS Certification audit fees are charged accordingly
  • Commitment to implementing and maintaining the HSEQ Certification Program in your business
  • Holding and recording safety meetings assisted by Master Electricians
  • Holding and recording tool box talks based on HSEQ Certification documentation
  • Recording master details in the HSEQ Certification central database
  • Testing equipment
  • Inducting employees after the initial induction
  • Internal audits
  • Carrying out monthly activities and maintaining their records
  • Developing and aligning the safety, environmental, and quality management plan templates along with the Safe Work Method Statement templates to suit individual construction projects.
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