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COVID-19 Advisory Notice, Customer Contact Precautions

It is paramount to communicate with your customer prior to engaging in work.

You will need to discuss with the customer prior to visiting the site:
  • Identify if the customer has existing health issues or is in self-quarantine
  • How to minimise any close proximity or physical contact with your customer
  • To ensure the employee is insulated from the work area by appropriate PPE
  • To ensure the work area will be left free from contamination by the employee

This conversation is important to ensure both the employee and the customer are confident in each other’s ability to reduce any infectious risk when attending the customer’s home or workplace.

Members click through to access more detailed information on this, including:

  • Steps to minimise risk of infection and spread prior to attending the customers premises
  • Essential company policies and procedures
  • Commercial obligations
  • A customisable template ‘COVID-19 Management Procedures for Customers’ that can be adapted to meet your business requirements

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