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How the MEA Employer Advice Team can help your business

As an employer, understanding how to manage your workers is a major part of running your business.

Jordon and Emma from the MEA Employer Advice Team can help Master Electricians understand their options and responsibilities when it comes to employees.

Master Electricians have unlimited, direct access to the Employer Advice team to help your business stay abreast of changing government regulations, penalties, and fines, as well as compliance.

How the MEA Employer Advice Team can help:
  • Queries around wages.
  • Interpretation of the award.
  • Employment and training contracts.
  • Disciplinary and dismissal processes.
  • Work-related and non-work-related injuries.
  • Legislation and industry updates as and when they happen.


The MEA Employer Advice Team also helps Master Electricians with other workplace issues including union, Fair Work Commission, and Fair Work Ombudsman disputes.


How the MEA Employer Advice Team can help you with employment contracts


The Employer Advice team can provide help with advice, policies, and procedures around COVID-19 restrictions. In the event of lockdowns, the Employer Advice team host webinars to provide advise around what work can continue and what support is available.

The team can provide advice regarding complex employment relations and work, health, and safety issues and assistance interpreting Awards and legislation.

Master Electricians also have access to a suite of fact sheets and employment guidance reports that have been developed to give you the tools you need to successfully manage your employees.

If you have a question related to employment, the MEA Employer Advice Team are here to assist.

Become a Master Electrician today for unlimited access to the MEA Employer Advice Team. Phone 1300 889 198.

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