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Scott Morrison Responds to COVID-19 Global Pandemic Crisis

PM’s response to COVID-19 global pandemic crisis

Prime Minister Scott Morrison addressed the Nation this morning via a press conference.  He advised the estimated timeframe for this situation will be approximately six months. Most healthy Australians who contract the virus will have a mild condition. He outlined that as a community we will need to protect the elderly and those with compromised immunity.

The Governor General has approved the Biosecurity Act which is similar to what each State has already enacted.

Public gatherings (construction sites are exempt from new restrictions on public gatherings)
There is a new ban on gatherings of 100 persons or greater in indoor areas, while the ban on outdoor gatherings of 500 persons continues

Essential gatherings are exempt from these bans where it is necessary for their normal operation. Exemptions include:

  • Public transportation facilities
  • Medical and health care facilities and pharmacies
  • Construction sites and mines
  • Food markets, supermarkets and shopping centres
  • Childcare, schools and universities
  • Correctional facilities
  • Courts and Parliaments
  • Office buildings

Social distancing and hygiene practices may still be required in theses settings.

Other key points

  • Travel bans have been upgraded to level 4 for the entire world. Australians are being told not travel internationally
  • Domestic air travel is considered low risk however some destinations are considered to have a higher risk areas eg. Indigenous communities
  • Student nurses domestic and international (20,000) will be available to support the health sector
  • Schools will remain open. The Government has received health advice and this stance is supported by all State and Territory Governments
  • Aged care facilities are placing restrictions of two visitors per day for each resident. Further restrictions will be aimed at ensuring the spread of virus is limited
  • ANZAC Day gatherings have been cancelled and it will become a televised national event.
  • Australians are reminded do not abuse staff, workers or others for doing their job during this time

Additions assistance packages
The Federal Government is preparing another assistance package with details to be announced in the coming days.  MEA will advise once this is announced.

Further information
For up to date facts, visit health.gov.au or the Department of Health in your State
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