Congratulations to our 2022 State Winners


2022 State Winners

  • Tasmania

    Tasmania 2022 Excellence Awards Winners


    Commercial Project of the Year

    CM & SM Gee Electrical, Cornerstone Pet Crematorium

    This project involved the installation and commissioning of an incinerator at Cornerstone Pet Crematorium. Due to the harsh border restrictions at the time, the specialist Electrician from NSW was unable to travel to make the alterations required to bring the secondary unit up to today’s standard and commission the main unit. This specialised and sensitive project had non-negotiable deadlines and with only Chris and Steph undertaking the entire job. Their business faced challenges and uncertainty they had never encountered before. The entire job including estimation, administration and accounting was completed by Steph and Chris. The project included the supply and installation of over 100 metres of three-phase mains and submains, complete electrical, HVAC, data and audio rough-in of office spaces, reception area, showroom, viewing room and incinerator warehouse. Additionally, a complete fit-off and commissioning and relocation of the secondary incinerator from a different location was completed.



    Women in Contracting Award

    Stephanie Gee, CM & SM Gee Electrical

    Together with her husband Chris, Steph owns and operates CM & SM Gee Electrical. She is business partner, wife, mother, electrical apprentice, industry advocate and proud Tasmanian. She has worked in the electrical industry for more than nine years starting in wholesale, to now owning and working within her own business. Electrical work runs in her family. Her grandfather immigrated from Italy to Australia to work on the Hydro Electric Pipeline for the Trevallyn Dam in Tasmania in the 1950s. Her father has been an electrician for 45 years and runs their own successful with Steph’s mother. Steph’s brother also runs his own electrical contracting business with his wife.




    Energy Efficiency Project of the Year

    DMS Energy – The Vale

    “The Vale” Project comprises of 606 NeON-R solar modules (230kW) using TIGO optimisation for panel level monitoring and individual MPPT. Connected to eight Fronius 25kW Eco inverters which is AC coupled to 12 of the 15kVA Victron Quattro Multimode inverters charging and discharging 280kWh of Redflow/Zinc Bromide Batteries. The system is energising three houses, airstrip and hanger, electric irrigation, multiple Tesla, and Quad bike chargers. The client is electrifying his whole process and will include electric tractors at some stage. We kilometres of three phase sub main cables and fibre optic cables aver the property and under a river to energise the whole farm from this system.


    Residential Project of the Year

    CM & SM Gee Electrical – The Stable Lofts

    Hawthorn Villa Estate is a National Trust and National Estate Classified Property built by Thomas Wilke Monds in 1873. It was established on the site of Carrick’s first hotel constructed in mudbrick and straw. Much of the mudbrick from the old inn was re-used during the construction of Hawthorn Villa. Mud brick is unstable and difficult to work with. Fixing and concealing the work was challenging. The garden has had some electrical cabling installed many years ago but had no plans. In the gardens there was some electrical cabling installed many years ago but had no plans. A lot of the existing older lighting did not work, and they needed to trace out, fault find and repair.


    Apprentice of the Year Award

    Chris Fewkes, Amped Connections Electrical Services

    Chris enjoys the problem-solving aspects of his work as an electrical apprentice: being able to gather clues about a fault, find the cause and fix it using a combination previous experience and theoretical knowledge. Chris is a practical, hands-on person who likes to have a go at anything. He was drawn to an electrical apprenticeship due to his interest in science.



    Electrician (Tradie) of the Year

    Simon Dingemanse, Mode Electrical

    As an electrician Simon enjoys the opportunity to learn and upskill in new technologies and products. As an off-grid power installer, he loves the ability to provide power to people who live in remote areas and enjoy sharing their excitement when they see their lights powered from renewable energy. He has worked in 6 different countries and approximately 20 different islands, building off grid power systems including South Sudan and the Solomon Islands. His most recent volunteer job saw him installing small solar power systems on mobile storage lockers providing lights and security cameras for a local homeless care organisation.


    Master Electrician of the Year

    DMS Energy, represented by Adrian Luke

    DMS Energy’s first commercial sized grid connect system in Tasmania in 2009. They have been the second largest seller of LG panels in Australia for numerous of years, selling more than many companies on the mainland. DMS Energy aim is not to be the biggest, but instead to focus on being the best at what they do. This allows them to win jobs that we believe no one else in the same position take on. This includes complex, high-risk projects.

  • Western Australia

    Western Australia 2022 Excellence Awards Winners

    Commercial Project of the Year

    Foster’s Services Pty Ltd – COVID Preparation Works Forward ED Triage Tents East Metropolitan Health

    When the WA State government opened the borders in early February and the rapid change in pandemic infection types occurred, a request from East Metropolitan Health to ready their large healthcare emergency departments for the COVID influx was required for three major health campuses. Services installed included power distribution for mech services, power and lighting, CCTV, nurse and duress call, automatic doors, PA, fibre optic, structured cabling, and IPTV/AV. Starting as a straightforward project, it quickly became a major one with tight time frames involving interfacing to live healthcare sites across the metro area, and numerous stakeholders included. Challenges included material shortages and freight issues, labour pressures, plus full PPE requirements, but Foster’s Services delivered fully operational sites by early February.

    Women in Contracting Award

    Helen Preiss – Foster’s Services Pty Ltd

    Helen joined Foster’s Services in 2013 as a part time office manager including management of finances and administration, and with business expansion this role has grown. Previous roles including managing staff in fundraising and finances for the Cancer Council and over 18 years’ experience in bookkeeping has positioned her well for this growth. Her Computer Science degree, recent completion of a CERT IV in Work Health and Safety plus efficiencies in office management have contributed to business adaptation to meet client needs and move forward in a progressive digital world. Helen’s multi-faceted role has also seen her guide the safety management system to AS4801 standards and ensure the business meets its annual accreditation audit obligations.

    Industrial Project of the Year

    S & K Electrical Contracting Pty Ltd – Roy Hill Iron Ore Debottlenecking Project

    After the successful completion of their 2021 MEA Award Winning Industrial Project at Roy Hill Iron Ore Mine, a further contract at the site was awarded, being a contract for a ‘Debottlenecking Project’. This involved all electrical and instrumentation works on three separate packages – Process Water Dam, Desands and Cake Wash Deconstruction. These packages included mixture of greenfields work, brownfields work to be completed with minimal disruption to the ongoing Roy Hill project operations. It was a great achievement to be retained for a further large project at the site and the exposure gained was significant for both the company and their employees in relation to further opportunities.

    Energy Efficiency Project of the Year

    Wilco Electrical – Synery Smart Energy Social Housing Trial

    The total trial scope is to install controllable solar PV systems on 500 social housing sites. The Smart Energy for Social Housing pilot project has the potential to address energy poverty and alleviate financial hardship. The benefits are twofold. First Social Housing Tenants receive access to free Solar PV systems which greatly reduces their energy bills and outgoing costs. Secondly, via the controllable metering, the Solar PV system can be controlled by Synergy, this allows Synergy to maintain balance across the grid between local and remote generation, creating stability through peak demand and minimal demand periods. The pilot will take customers on a journey towards energy independence with a dedicated team educating them about their energy usage and how to maximise the benefit of the smart meter tariffs. Securing the sites requires the tenants to agree to the install. To date approximately 100 solar systems have been installed with the remaining houses intended for the pilot currently being sourced.

    Residential Project of the Year

    Prolecko – Pixie Authomation

    This residential project involved full automation of home lighting.  The scope was to ensure all lighting could be controlled by phone and voice commands along with conventional wall switches. As the home was 18-years old with no existing wall chases for the switches, the option to install the SAL Pixie product throughout was made. A total of 28 Bluetooth dimmers and switches were installed, controlling everything from general lighting, the garage door, outside floodlights to the garden lights. Bluetooth speakers and some additional lights to the master bed and living areas, were also installed. With the system fully controlled through multiple devices, the client is stoked and shows it off every time he has visitors.

    Apprentice of the Year Award

    Harry Hoffman – Foster’s Services Pty Ltd

    Harry has always had an interest in complex problem solving, large machines and infrastructure and how it all works, and a career as an electrician beckoned. He liked the idea of working in a team on a challenging job that requires planning, precision and detail, and knows that the trade will offer him a wide range of interesting learning opportunities in the future. As a mature age apprentice Harry has taken previous life skills and applied these well to his training and day to day activities with the Fosters team with great feedback from tradespersons and clients.

    Electrician (Tradie) of the Year

    Alex Macphail – Pure Electrical & Air

    Alex has been in the electrical contracting industry for 14 years. He loves the challenge of a new client job from initial quote through to completion and providing clients with outstanding service and providing guidance to younger electrical contractors and helping them on their learning journey.

    Master Electrician of the Year

    Wilco Electrical, represented by Frank Mitchell

    Wilco Electrical is an Aboriginal company whose primary innovation is a philosophy that community infrastructure should have community outcomes. Accordingly, they work towards deep long-term impact by empowering Aboriginal businesses, Aboriginal sub-contractors, staff, and apprentices alike, building more than just infrastructure, but relationships, and a stronger and more resilient society. Their services extend across small to large scale solar, hybrid and off-grid storage systems, structured cabling, civil and general electrical maintenance, light industrial, voltage optimisation, water from air technologies, lighting efficiency solutions, and communications. Since September 2020, Wilco has formed a JV with Resource Services Group (RSGx) and Kardan Construction called Baldja which is the Noongar name for ‘Standing United’. Now, with additional capabilities of HV, commissioning, instrumentation, mechanical, electrical engineering, minor civil and construction, Wilco has been able to engage in such projects such as FMG’s Iron Bridge, Synergy’s Tesla batteries for schools and Water Corp’s Canning Dam valve’s replacement program. Through Baldja’s success, Wilco has been able to supercharge its social impact through diversifying its upskilling pathways for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. Congratulations Wilco Electrical!

  • Victoria

    Victoria 2022 Excellence Awards Winners


    Commercial Project of the Year

    Luke Mitchell Electrical Pty Ltd – Helmast Park Equestrian Centre – Infrastructure Power Reticulation

    Luke Mitchell Electrical Pty Ltd (LME) was awarded the Helmast Equestrian project in 2020. This project required exacting standards and a high attention to detail. The lighting design was complex as the lighting had to be configured to suit the equine environment under all conditions. The project scope included supply and install of equine-friendly lighting and all other electrical work LME also supplied and installed all the general lighting, exit and emergency lighting, sensor lighting and permitter lighting, switchboard, mains, metering, reticulation and gated entry.


    Women in Contracting Award

    Sally Higgs – Alykan Electrical Solutions

    Sally is a Co-Founder and General Manager of Alykan Electrical and Speedheat Australia. Connected to the trades industry for most of her life, she has incorporated her previous banking and software development careers to lead these two businesses with a passion for developing the team and delivering great solutions to customers. A passionate advocate for women in contracting, she is inspiring more women to become electricians with a 50/50 gender split in apprentices in Alykan.


    Industrial Project of the Year

    Britton Electrical Solutions – Cospack Blow Moulding Production Victoria

    The Project overview was to provide a solution to the client’s existing electrical infrastructure that would enable them to install new manufacturing equipment as well as allowing for future expansion. The team worked on the design and construct on the main switchboard and the new manufacturing distribution board, as well as designing and installing all the cable supporting methods to service them and new machines installed. Challenging components included delays with materials with new custom boards not being delivered and installed prior to production start dates. A key achievement of the project was successfully setting up temporary measures allowing production to begin and dealing with an immense amount of back-end paperwork to organise and coordinate the after-hours shutdown with all the relevant entities, to install the new boards and metering.

    Energy Efficiency Project of the Year

    Venergy Australia – Walker Corporation Collins Square Towers 223kW Solar System

    This project was based 145 meters high in the heart of the Melbourne CBD skyline. The Venergy team worked closely with Walker Corporation and delivered the latest landmark commercial project on the Collins Square Towers. Completed in December 2021, Venergy designed and constructed a 223kW solar system composed of Trina Solar panels and optimised SolarEdge systems. Exceeding the 6-star NABERS rating, this system sets a new height in building efficiency with 500 panels integrated to 600kW trigeneration gas turbines per tower, bringing the total generating capacity of three towers to 2 Megawatts.



    Residential Project of the Year

    Britton Electrical Solutions – Stubbs Avenue Manor

    Britton Electrical Solutions were approached by the client to assist them with create a rustic yet modern home. The key design elements included automating the home without really being able to see that it is automated, AV including Foxtel distribution, distributed audio system, CCTV, gate and garage access including an intercom to call mobile devices with remote access via the client’s phones from anywhere in the world. You won’t see any 10-inch touch screens on the walls or fancy switch plates, but a great portion of the home is automated via control 4 and the clients’ personal devices.


    Apprentice of the Year

    Ezekiel Traczyk – Crawford Electrical & Solar

    Ezekiel loves working outside, mental challenges, continual learning and physical work with tangible results. Making clients happy is always top of his list, plus the opportunity to learn about new technologies and find better ways to improve workplace safety and efficiency.


    Electrician (Tradie) of the Year

    Josh Gilbee – Alykan Electrical Solutions

    Josh started his career as a school-based apprentice and worked for a number of other electricians before joining Alykan Electrical in 2018. He loves working on a broad range of projects and work sites and tackling new challenges. One of his biggest career achievements to date was being the lead on a major project for Alykan Electrical Solutions in 2020, with the project also going on to be a finalist in the Excellence Awards that year.


    Master Electrician of the Year

    Alykan Electrical Solutions, represented by Sally Higgs

    Alykan Electrical was established five years ago with two things in mind – grow an awesome team who love what they do and service the needs of commercial builders. They are also the authorised installer for Speedheat under floor heating. Straight talking, reliable electricians that have a knack for dealing with challenging hard to solve electrical issues, Alykan Electrical Solutions are very proud of their amazing team who continue to deliver the company vision with passion and enthusiasm.

  • South Queensland

    South Queensland 2022Excellence Awards Winners


    Commercial Project of the Year

    SDF Electrical – Destination Gold Coast, Tower 1

    This Gold Coast based project is the first of five residential and hotel towers to be built adjacent and linked to the Star Gold Coast Hotels and Casino. With many complexities to work around including staged demolition and HV & LV shutdowns that did not interrupt casino operations, careful risk assessments and planning of shutdown methodology was required. Featuring state of the art technology and high spec finishes, this project was more than just a large commercial project, and a major achievement for the SDF Electrical team who worked with several stakeholders to successfully deliver the project.


    Women in Contracting Award

    Kylie Fairclough, CLF Services

    With a varied career path spanning from the Royal Australian Navy to working for a plumbing company and raising a family, Kylie’s diverse skillset and experiences have prepared her well for the challenges and excitement of co-running an electrical contracting business. An extensive educational background and excellent time management skills has helped Kylie successfully navigate the world of construction, manage her team and facilitate the participation of the business in several community groups.



    Industrial Project of the Year

    Focus Electrical – Silanna Semiconductor MBE Facility Pinkenba

    This 6.5-million-dollar project saw Focus Electrical efficiently and impressively deliver contracted Electrical and Communication Services for Silanna Semiconductor’s one of a kind Molecular Beam Epitaxy Facility in Pinkenba, Brisbane. Focus Electrical coordinated and worked with 2 x Principal contractors to deliver the ultimate outcome of having 4 x Molecular Beam Epitaxy (MBE) tools in operation in a Class 100 particle cleanroom facility. This facility is the only major Semiconductor Production FAB in Australia and the Southern Hemisphere.



    Energy Efficiency Project of the Year

    Goodhew Electrical and Solar – Sheldon College Megawatt Solar Installation

    Goodhew Electrical and Solar designed and installed a 1.2-megawatt solar system at Sheldon College, a world-class independent and co-education learning institution. Consisting of over 3,300 panels housed across eight buildings, the entire system is integrated and can be monitored in real-time with the data providing an important educational platform for students to learn about renewable energy through a specialised curriculum. Made up of 26 individual systems all connected through Fronius Data Managers to create a singular 1.2 Megawatt system, each building has its own sub-board monitor which links directly with the main switchboard monitor.



    Residential Project of the Year Award

    RBC Electrical Solutions Pty Ltd – Kent Street, New Farm

    The project involved an old Queenslander house being moved and incorporated into the new three-story home. The home included a basement underground carpark, temperature-controlled wine cellar room and separate pool house. Not your average build/renovation job, the project required a high level of technical detail and workarounds including redesign of the air-conditioning system, installation of an automated pool blanket and track lighting installed to be flush with the timber ceilings – all delivered on time and within budget.



    Apprentice of the Year

    Daniel Hunting, Fallon Solutions

    Daniel chose a career in the electrical contracting industry due to its stability and diversity. Knowing that he’d be able to develop transferrable skills that he can take to other areas of his life. Daniel has thrived during his apprenticeship and has enjoyed working across a wide range of projects from domestic and commercial to sports field lighting and solar.



    Electrician (Tradie) of the Year

    Daniel Canisi, Ehlerth Electrical

    Daniel joined Ehlerth Electrical in 2017 as a second-year apprentice and has taken every opportunity to progress his career within the business through continual training and development. His most significant career achievement to date was the Maroochy RSL project. Responsible for managing the team onsite to complete the electrical and communications for a 300 machine gaming room, the six month project was the biggest the company has undertaken to date.


    Master Electrician of the Year Award

    Ehlerth Electrical, represented by Brent Ehlerth

    Ehlerth Electrical are a committed team of electricians who pride themselves on providing a modern and energetic approach to electrical service and solutions with utmost integrity, efficiency and reliability. Proudly becoming Gold Master Electricians and achieving ISO certification within the first five years of business operations and growing the team from one to twenty five, the team offer services across a diverse field of electrical fields with a strong focus on training and development of all employees to provide a skilled and safe working environment and excellent customer service.


  • South Australia

    South Australia/Northern Territory 2022 Excellence Awards Winners

    Commercial Project of the Year

    Island Electrics – Kangaroo Island Spirits Expansion

    The project’s vision was to take a small, but successful distilling business and transform it into a commercial powerhouse brand, whilst maintaining the products’ unique grass roots characteristics. Island Electrics, working for the Principal Builder Kauppila General Builder, played a key role from design to handover. Challenges existed around the site’s location within a rural setting and with network power limitations. Combining network upgrades and prime production power capabilities (via a turn-key power generation solution) the final package addresses the needs of a commercial production facility and visitor experience cellar door/tasting hall.

    (Award accepted by MEA’s Ian Scott on behalf of Island Electrics)

    Women in Contracting Award

    Mishi Nau, GESA Electrical

    Mishi has learned so much in the last few years contributing to a turn-around in the business’ success. Her initial engagement, through wanting to contribute to the family business, led her to undertaking several bookkeeping, accounting, and leadership courses; and most recently engaging a trade-based business coach. Now Mishi is passing on her knowledge and passion by mentoring other Women in Contracting. Through her many initiatives such as identifying profitable products and services, establishing invoicing on the spot, setting daily targets, and more; GESA is now a profitable business creating jobs for tradies and apprentices.

    (Award accepted by Jay Sacharias, GESA Electrical on behalf of Mishi Nau)

    Industrial Project of the Year

    GESA Electrical – Williams Metal Fabrication, Northern DB

    The project required timely replacement of the factory’s northern distribution board after it had been compromised by rain and hail. As GESA’s typical client is in the residential market, a panel board upgrade of this size was completely new. Also, with the client being an operating factory, the only time-frame available to complete work was over the New Year’s Day weekend. With none of the circuits protected by RCD’s, potential fault finding was also required. Notwithstanding these conditions, and COVID challenges, the job was completed on time and on budget. Garry, GESA’s working director commented that a ‘stand-out’ of the project was the client’s positive reaction which has also led to negotiating upgrades to all other panel boards in the factory.

    Energy Efficiency Project of the Year

    Solar Power Direct – Central Adelaide Waste and Recycling Authority

    The project was to design and install a rooftop 225kw solar system for CAWRA, SA Govt Council Recycling Facility. The new Materials Recycling Facility will utilise the latest in optical sorting technology to produce clean commodities, ideal for developing local markets. Its design future-proofs SA’s kerbside recycling sector, while reducing fire risk. Many hurdles to overcome included dealing with COVID, site shutdowns, staff isolations, materials shortages, and delays; as well as fitting the installation into a tight build schedule (5-week lead time to supply and install the roof top solar panels). Continuously liaising with the builder and SA Power Networks to adapt to changes in the design and construction of the building project enabled successful completion.

    Residential Project of the Year

    GESA Electrical – Dean Street, Victorian Style Villa

    This was a restoration project of a Victorian Style Villa constructed around 1880 for Gawler draper – William Henry Gome. The interstate client had bought the property in 2017 restoring it to its former glory by starting with the butler’s quarters and now the main house. The aim was to maintain the style of the home while making it liveable in today’s times. Working closely with the client, heritage style switches and power points were sourced, as well as all lighting suspended from ceiling roses. Incoming power was upgraded with the mains remaining as an overhead supply, to match the original concept. Challenges such as securing fixing wall boxes and cables to a severely damaged wall, due to salt damp, were met by working closely with the wet plasterer. GESA Pty Ltd are stoked to be the electricians of choice in such a demanding project and acknowledge with pride the project value and job satisfaction attained.

    Apprentice of the Year

    Matthew Weninger, Electric Results

    Matthew started with Electric Results in January 2019 and from the beginning, he was a star. Matthew has been the most diligent and caring apprentice to work at Electric Results in recent years, with attention to detail that can’t be faulted.

    (Award accepted by Troy Smith, Electric Results on behalf of Matthew Weninger)

     Electrician (Tradie) of the Year Award

    Jay Sacharias, GESA Electrical

    Jay chose to pursue a career in the electrical industry as he saw great potential for himself to expand into many exciting opportunities. He always aims to provide the best service he can for his clients, in the safest way possible. Most of all he enjoys helping clients achieve their dream homes, sheds, gyms, relaxation areas, through delivering the best quality products and layouts. He does this by spending time with his clients to understand what it is they really want. He takes pride in his work as a tradesman and being able to work efficiently and safely.

    Master Electrician of the Year

    Modern Innovation Electrical, represented by Angus West

    Modern Innovation Electrical is a family-owned business, servicing the Adelaide Hills and surrounding areas to provide solutions for a range of electrical requirements. The priority of the business has always been to deliver quality, service, value, integrity, and safety to clients. Plus provide a positive experience from the time of initial contact, through to scheduling, attendance, and work completion. The ability to tailor services to client specific needs is evident in client testimonials, industry accreditation, four state awards, a national award, and longevity in the business.

  • New South Wales

    New South Wales 2022 Excellence Awards Winners


    Commercial Project of the Year Winner

    Top of the Mark Electrical – Lazards

    This office fit out project at the Gateway Building in Circular Quay. A very exciting for a small electrical team, it included the installation of Dynalite Dali dimmable lighting, architectural designed lighting, motorized blinds and curtains plus a data room. Good organisation and communication resulted in delivery ahead of schedule with no rectifications required.

    Women in Contracting Award

    Rhea Felton, GreenElec

    Rhea started working in the electrical industry in 2016 with her husband by supporting the operational needs of his electrical contracting company, GreenElec. On starting in the business, her main focus was back-end systemisation and human resource management. The company has grown and evolved substantially since then and now her days are filled mostly with HR, Business Development and Marketing tasks. A big achievement of Rhea’s is understanding and implementing a strong marketing strategy to support lead generation, sales conversion and job acquisition. Rhea has gravitated to this area of the business knowing future business revenue relies on a strong marketing strategy in a digital world.


    Residential Project of the Year Award

    GreenElec – Stonelea House

    The project scope of this architectural home was to replace an existing structure while ensuring other locations on the site remained undisturbed, including the natural environment. An underpinning theme of the build was to build a house with nature and the design utilises passive electrical and renewable energy principles for the generation of energy to this architectural home. Overcoming a few challenges including a re-build on bare land with electrical mains built underground and the remoteness of the location, the house was awarded Environmental Housing Award of the Year by Master Builders in 2021.

    Apprentice of the Year Award

    Sabrina Vizgirda – Platinum Electricians

    Sabrina originally joined an electrical company as a customer service officer, but the appeal of building things and using her hands to work was too appealing and within six months she was enrolled in an electrical apprenticeship. Now in her fourth year, she has enjoyed the challenges along the way while gaining knowledge on the job and was very proud to recently work in the team on a large client project to install private CT metering – measuring electrical consumption across large sites for the client.

    Electrician (Tradie) of the Year

    Gareth Felton, GreenElec

    As an electrician one of the things Gareth is most passionate about is the mentoring and leadership aspect of his role. Being onsite showing his apprentices and/or trades a new concept or practice principle and then seeing them give this a go is incredibly rewarding. Passionate about learning about new technology especially in the home automation industry, Gareth is incredibly proud to be the director of a multidisciplinary electrical contracting company providing clients expertise and services across the electrical, solar and storage; and home automation fields.

     Master Electrician of the Year

    Platinum Electricians, represented by Daniel Rupp

    Founded in 2001, Platinum Electricians has expanded over the last 20 years from a single van to over 150 ISO Triple Certified technicians. With a vision to be Australia’s most trusted electrical contracts and projects partner, Platinum Electricians are proud of the many accomplishments they have achieved in the business and community over the last two decades, with recent achievements including completion of a range of projects worth $8M, introduction of asset management and maintenance planning software in the business, and over $1M raised for the Platinum Electricians charity foundation.

  • North Queensland

    North Queensland 2022 Excellence Awards Winners


    Commercial Project of the Year Winner

    NQ Electrical – Catherine McAuley College

    Engaged to deliver Electrical, Communications and Dry Fire services for the new $25m secondary college in a heritage listed site, NQ Electrical worked with many challenges to transform a former Sugar Research Centre into a Catholic secondary school with scope for future expansion. The sensitivity of work required to be carried on the heritage listed site made this project a challenge unlike a standard new school build. Major achievements included adapting old light fittings to new LED light fittings to maintain the original integrity of the ceiling and provide a desired energy efficiency solution.

    Women in Contracting Award

    Stephanie Allen, Linked Group Services Pty Ltd

    Stephanie has been with Linked Group Services as Finance & Administration Manager for over 10 years. She was responsible for the implementation of ISO 45001, ISO9001 & ISO14001 and also acts as the compliance manager and internal auditor to ensure its continual improvement. She oversees all administration and accounting aspects of the business and is currently working on a major on-site project. She loves the variety of work within the Electrical industry that allows her to continually learn.

    Industrial Project of the Year

    Peter Dunstan Electrical (PDE) – Sun Metals Expansion

    This project saw PDE completing the leaching and purification upgrade, plus electrolysis light and power. The team upgraded and installed new motor control centres, PLC, instrumentation, lights, and GPO’s. Additionally, several safety interlock systems were installed to protect the process team workers. While some project areas were greenfield, some were brownfield and the PDE team met many challenges including working within an operational plant and alongside the staff of the client. It was paramount to ensure the safety of all involved. Project challenges included shortages in the labour market, COVID delays and lack of material supplies, however the PDE team went above and beyond for their client to work around these challenges and deliver high level work for the client.

    Energy Efficiency Project of the Year

    Climatecare Electrical & Solar – Heron Island Resort Solar

    This project involved installing 100kW of Solar power onto the Heron Island Resort. As the resort runs off a diesel powered microgrid, innovations had to be implemented to ensure that solar could inject energy harmoniously into the diesel microgrid and controlled in such a way that the diesels were not damaged. Solar Diesel Hybrids are rarely implemented due to their extremely high complexity and skill required to successfully implement. With much research, many planning meetings and rehearsals, the project was successfully delivered with minimal impact to resort operations.

    Residential Project of the Year

    KP Walsh Electrics Pty Ltd – Balmoral Drive, Castle Hill

    This project involved the demolition of the entire interior of a 3-level dwelling, rebuild and installation of new electrical fittings. With a requirement for careful chiselling of concrete slabs, digging under driveways and working around polished concrete ceilings to install conduits, high attention to detail was required. Working closely with the building contractor, building owner and other trades throughout the lifespan of the job, the team worked closely over a 19-month period to deliver a dream home to the client.

    Apprentice of the Year

    Liam Neville, Horan & Bird

    Liam is a fourth-year apprentice. Although he started his working life in a completely different field as a FIFO chef for ten years, the exciting lure of the electrical contracting industry beckoned, and he joined the Horan & Bird team as an apprentice. Always keen to learn and expand his skills, Liam loves the diversity of the industry.

    Electrician (Tradie) of the Year

    Sam Chapman, NQ Electrical

    Sam is an exception leader of apprentices. His work ethic is second to none and he enjoys training the apprentices to become the best electrician possible at the end of their apprenticeship. A major achievement to date is his promotion to site supervisor and managing many of NQ Electricals’ commercial projects.

    Master Electrician of the Year Award

    Linked Group Services Pty Ltd, represented by Jason Sharam

    Linked Group Services are based in Mackay North Queensland, and services projects around Australia. Offering design, manufacturing, installation, plus servicing of mechanical, electrical, and renewable energy products; they assist their clients to reduce their carbon footprint and their operational costs. Offering a range of trade services and labour hire, Linked Group Services design their own products and par-build them in-house in their 100% off-grid office and fabrication facility with final construction, installation and commissioning completed at the client site.


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