Industry Recognition Program

Recognising, supporting and celebrating your business journey

MEA works alongside our members providing help and advice, access to business tools and savings, all designed to enable our members to run safe, sustainable and profitable businesses.

The team at MEA has always endeavoured to work alongside our members, providing support to operate a safe, sustainable and profitable business. We recognise achieving these goals requires time, experience, a quality safety system supported by appropriate policies and procedures and the ongoing development of business acumen.

The new Industry Recognition Program rewards your business for your commitment to these important ideals, not only for being a member. All of our members will be upgraded to a Bronze, Silver or Gold Master Electrician, allowing them to leverage the trust and recognition of the Master Electrician brand in their own marketing.

The pinnacle of achievement within the industry. Become a Gold Master Electrician when you fulfil and maintain the accreditation assessment or reach 20 years as a member.

Graduate to Silver Master Electrician at 10 years of membership or when you implement ME Safety or an approved safety system.

Awarded to Members who have recently become a Master Electrician and are on the journey to build their business.

This recognition program allows Master Electricians to differentiate their business in the market place. Members will be contacted as they reach each milestone and receive a certificate acknowledging their current level, decals to promote this achievement on their vehicle and logos to use in their advertising.


Frequently asked questions

What is the Industry Recognition Program?
The Industry Recognition Program has been designed to provide members additional value in two significant ways:

  1. Leverage the Master Electrician brand – customers know and trust the brand
  2. Provide industry acknowledgement of a members commitment to running a safe, profitable and sustainable business.

How does the program work?
From late 2019 all electrical contractors whom join MEA will have their membership upgraded and be recognised as a Bronze Master Electrician. When you reach your 10th year of membership you’ll be upgraded to become a Silver Master Electrician, ultimately becoming a Gold Master Electrician when you achieve 20 years membership.

Are there other ways to become a Silver or Gold Master Electrician?

  1. If you are a Bronze Master Electrician and have implemented and use ME Safety or an approved and certified safety system, you can transition from a Bronze to Silver Master Electrician
  2. If you are a Bronze or Silver Master Electrician and have completed your accreditation assessment or achieved HSEQ certification, you can transition to become a Gold Master Electrician. Alternatively, you can join the new Master Program; a three year pathway of intensive, pro-active business support. Every month, we’ll work with you to implement business tools, processes, procedures and systems.  The program includes a full safety system and business planning tools. A dedicated MEA Facilitator will help and guide you.  The program provides the framework to work on your business and you’ll become a Gold Master Electrician upon successful completion of the program.

If I am a Bronze or Silver Master Electrician, can I continue using the Master Electricians member logo?
Yes, no problem. You have a choice of using either the Bronze or Silver Master Electrician logo or the Master Electricians member logo. If you’d like the Bronze logo, let us know and we can email to you immediately.

Can I move down a level?

  1. If you have been upgraded to a Silver Master Electrician due to implementing an approved and certified safety system (including ME Safety) and stop using this approved system, you will transition to Bronze
  2. If you have been upgraded to a Gold Master Electrician due to completing accreditation or HSEQ certification and do not continue with this annual certification, you will transition to either Bronze (0-9 years membership) or Silver (10-19 years membership)
  3. If you have been upgraded to a Gold Master Electrician due to previously undertaking accreditation, you must continue to undertake the annual assessment, if you do not, you will transition back to either Bronze or Silver
  4. If you breach the MEA Code of Conduct, your status may be reviewed and altered accordingly.

What do I receive?
You receive access to the Master Electrician brand. This includes Bronze/Silver/Gold Master Electrician decals for use on your vehicle.  You’ll also have the logo emailed to you for use within your advertising – emails, stationery, uniform, signage etc.

Will MEA disclose to consumers/industry whether I am a Bronze/Silver/Gold Master Electrician?

No, we will recognise this in our system and supply you with the logo and stickers, however the decision to advertise is at your discretion.

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