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Bupa is part of Australia’s largest privately managed health insurer. You can be assured access to a wide range of products and services specifically designed with Master Electricians Australia Members in mind.

You and your staff can join Bupa and receive all the benefits of private health insurance through a specifically negotiated Master Electricians Australia corporate plan which gives you great value. Benefits include:

  • 3% discount off premiums*
  • 60-100% back, depending on your extras cover for selected services at Members First Providers.**
  • No gap for kids for general dental and physio on most services for your kids until they turn 25 when you take out hospital and selected extras cover. No excess for kids on your family hospital cover^
  • Life Skills online program, to help you gain a better understanding of your own personal well-being and how to manage it.
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View Bupa’s Corporate Health offers here (and enter Master Electricians Australia in the ‘search your company name’) to get a quote, call 134 135 and quote our Master Electricians Australia ID 2107799, or email mea@bupa.com.au to get the deal.


National Tradies Health Month – August 2021

It’s National Tradies Health month, and we’ll be providing you with a few essential tips each week in August  to help you re-charge your health and well-being.


Week 1 – Benefits of Exercise

Did you know that injuries in the trade industry represented 58 per cent of Australia’s working population between 2010 – 2011 and 2014 – 2015, and according to Safe Work Australia around 190 serious claims were made each day? They are serious numbers! This week we’re focusing on the many benefits of exercise and how it can help your health and safety.

Regular exercise and physical activity may:

    • help lower blood pressure
    • cut levels of bad LDL-cholesterol
    • raise levels of good HDL-cholesterol
    • assist with maintaining a healthy weight range
    • reduce potential strain on your heart
    • decrease any fatty build-up in your arteries that contributes to heart disease
    • lower your risk of other long-term conditions including Type 2 Diabetes and Osteoarthritis
    • help lower stress levels and can help improve mental well-being through the release of endorphins
    • improve your sleep
    • help keep your thinking, learning and judgement skills sharp


Week 2 – Healthy Eating

We know you’re busy on the tools and running your business, but don’t forget to make sure you have plenty of spark in your system by maintaining a healthy diet and include the following key nutrients in your daily intake:

  1. Close your internal circuit breakers and pump up your energy with a selection of good carbohydrates including wholegrain bread and cereals, fruit and vegetables.
  2. Maintain your personal generator and help your cells grow and repair with proteins including lean meat, poultry, fish, low-fat dairy, legumes and nuts.
  3. Improve your internal power supply by including some good fats found in dairy, lean meat, oils and nuts to assist vitamin distribution in your body.
  4. Up your amperage with vitamins and minerals sourced in fruit and vegetables, whole-grains, beans and legumes and lean meat
  5. Keep your digestive transmission lines flowing smoothly with a balance of soluble fibre to lower cholesterol levels and insoluble fibre for bowel health.

To make it easier to choose healthier foods, BUPA has partnered with The George Institute for Global Health to create the FoodSwitch app (free).  Use the app to scan the barcodes of packaged foods and view their easy traffic light colour coded ratings for four key food components – fat, saturated fat, salt and sugar; and receive similar but healthier options for your not-so-healthy food items. Find out more at www.bupa.om.au/foodswitch.


Week 3 – Back Health

In week 3 of National Tradies Health Month, we’re focussing on back health.

You’ve got your essential tools in your kit to help you get the job done, but did you ever consider that your back is one of your most important and valuable tools that you’ll own?

Between the heavy lifting you undertake on the job, using tools, reaching around corners and crawling into tight spaces, you don’t need to be reminded that being a tradie is physically demanding! Your back needs to work extremely hard every day to support these demands, so it’s important to incorporate the following steps each day to make sure you are looking after this valuable tool:

  1. Maintain good posture by keeping your shoulders back and engaging your core to avoid slouching. Your muscles will thank you as they do not need to constantly contract to keep you upright.
  2. Get active and aim to include 30 minutes of aerobic exercise at least five times per week, plus a couple of strengthening sessions to target your key muscle groups in your back. Not only will you boost your strength and endurance, you’ll also be on track to maintain a healthy weight and get those feel-good endorphins that are induced through exercise.
  3. Bend from your knees and hips and never from your back! By bending at the hips while simultaneously bending your knees, you’ll avoid straining your lower vertebra and inducing micro tears or more serious injuries.
  4. Stretch your body gently on a daily basis to improve your range of motion and avoid your muscles shortening and becoming tight.  It’s important to stretch slowly until you feel resistance (but not pain) and avoid bouncing as this may cause injury.


Week 4 – Sun Protection

Singing seagull jokes aside, SunSmart has stated that two in three Australian’s will be diagnosed with skin cancer by the time they are 70, so it’s time to get serious about factoring in a Slip, Slop, Slap and Wrap routine into your daily work schedule! While working outdoors on client jobs has its benefits, the risk of injuries caused by the sun including sunburn, sunstroke and skin cancer is real.

Recharge your health and maximise your sun protection to reduce your risk of sun injury by implementing the following steps in your daily routine:

  • Erect temporary shade over outdoor jobs where possible
  • Move to a shady spot for smoko breaks
  • Organise outdoor jobs to take place before 10am and after 4pm to avoid the most intense periods of sunlight
  • Cover up with collared long-sleeved tops and trousers, avoiding fabrics that allow UV rays to penetrate
  • Wear water resistant sunscreen that is at least 30+ SPF and has not passed its expiry date and cover all exposed areas (including the sneaky spots like your lower back)
  • Wrap on some polarised sunglasses or safety glasses that filter out UV rays (make sure your safety glasses comply with AS/NZS 1337 standards)
  • Cover your head with a hat that protects your face, neck and ears.

Hot tip: You may be able to claim the cost of sun protection gear including sunscreen on your tax.  To confirm if you are eligible and the products you have purchased meet ATO standards, check with your accountant or the Australian Taxation Office on 13 28 61.

Health Fact Sheets


* Discount is reviewed periodically by Bupa and Master Electricians Australia and is subject to change. Must pay by direct debit or payroll deduction (if available).
** For most items covering general dental, physio, and chiro services. Annual maximums, fund rules, and waiting periods apply. Includes major dental in VIC and SA only. Excludes orthodontics and hospital treatments. Available on selected packages and standalone extras covers.
^ Applies each calendar year and increases after the first 12 months.