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IPD’s Weatherproof Isolators: Engineered to endure Aussie weather extremes.

IPD’s Weatherproof Isolators have been designed to meet the latest industry requirements, ensuring long-lasting durability in even the most extreme weather conditions. Containing advanced features, these isolators are a top choice for outdoor applications, particularly in HVAC&R installations.

  1. IP66 Rating for Superior Protection: IPD’s Weatherproof Isolators come with an IP66 rating, signifying their resilience to dust and water ingress. This rating ensures that the isolators can endure even the harshest weather conditions, safeguarding electrical circuits from environmental threats.
  2. Compliance with Stringent Standards: IPD’s isolators undergo rigorous testing and meet the AS/NZS 394. standards. This certification ensures that these isolators adhere to industry-specific quality and safety benchmarks, offering peace of mind for users concerned about reliability.
  3. Earth and Neutral Terminals for Practicality: Installation and connection are simplified with the inclusion of earth and neutral terminals. Electricians benefit from the user-friendly design, ensuring efficient and hassle-free setup in various applications.
  4. Enhanced Security with Pad Lockable Handle and Entry Options: Security is a paramount concern in electrical installations. The pad lockable handle enhances safety by preventing unauthorised access. Furthermore, the option of front and near entries adds flexibility during installation, catering to specific requirements.
  5. Versatile Use for Outdoor Applications: IPD’s Weatherproof Isolators are designed to accommodate outdoor applications, including those in the HVAC&R sector. These isolators are engineered to thrive in demanding environments, providing robust protection for electrical circuits, making them a reliable choice across various industries.

Secure your electrical systems with the IPD Weatherproof Isolators – your ultimate defence against weather extremes. Visit your local electrical wholesaler now and ask for the IPD Weatherproof Isolators, don’t settle for less; choose the best.For more information, visit: https://bit.ly/3ZHtN48

Terra AC wallbox – Shaping the Australian electric vehicle charging infrastructure landscape

Over the next few years, electric vehicle sales in Australia will continue to rise and ensuring that you have the right infrastructure in place to charge electric vehicles will become a priority. The move towards electric vehicles has been driven by several key factors including the phasing out of internal-combustion engines internationally, incentives that have been rolled out by federal & state governments and changes in consumer attitudes. This move is reflected in an 86% increase in EV purchases within Australia in the last year of 2022, as found by Electric Vehicle Council of Australia (EVC).

Amidst this growing move towards electric vehicles, the limited availability of charging infrastructure remains an ongoing issue. According to Infrastructure Australia, there are currently less than 3,500 public electric charging stations around the country, and only 470 of these are fast chargers, with most of these charging stations being partly supplied by the private sector.
ABB’s Terra AC wallbox is their latest, innovative electric vehicle charger, suitable for both commercial and residential applications. The Terra AC wallbox is designed with a single-phase 7.4kW / 32A and three-phase 22kW / 32A and 11kW / 16 A, housed in an IP54 & IK10 enclosure. A load management system is contained within the unit to ensure the charger matches the power available through its adjustable max current draw. It can also be connected to an external energy meter to measure the current draw of other loads on the system to provide a dynamic maximum current drawn by the charger.

Safety is a critical consideration in all electrical products, and the Terra AC has a range of built-in safety features to provide peace-of-mind. These features include overcurrent, overvoltage and undervoltage protection, integrated ground fault protection, surge protection and protective earth continuity monitoring.

This innovative product utilises smart technology, allowing users to connect to a charging session by using either ChargerSyncTM app or RFID tag. This innovative charging solution will assist you with saving money, with the EVC estimating that the average electric vehicle charging cost is $4 per 100kms whereas a petrol car on average costs $14 per 100kms to fuel.

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