TheCUBE – Frequently Asked Question

Who is eligible?

All current MEA Advantage Program members are eligible to take up this service offering. There is no cost to participate.

What will the service look like?

When you opt-in for your user licence, MEA will provide you with a login and other logistics, along with a questionnaire to ensure you extract maximum benefit when using the system. We will set up a call or face to face visit at a time suitable to you, to introduce you to the system and discuss your questionnaire responses.

The introductory meeting is significant. Your business and personal objectives are clarified. Steps are agreed to commence managing your business and personal objectives with medium and long-term goals in mind. Thereafter, your MEA Facilitator will contact you regularly in the early stages to introduce the various ways the platform can add value, help you analyse your business and conduct ‘what if’ scenario testing. Your relationship with your ME Facilitator will continue for as long as you find value.

There is a lot to this offering. What if I currently only see value in some aspects?

You should use this business performance platform as you see fit.

For instance, if you want to manage job scheduling to maximise staff utilisation and minimise fluctuations, but you have another way (or are not ready) to analyse your financials, simply use the functionality you want and leave the rest. Your Facilitator can help you with this.

My business partner does most of the work on my financials, including analysing trends etc. Is the Master Electricians business performance offering still helpful?

Your Business Partner will love this offering!

  • Staff workloads can be seen in advance, enabling you to proactively smooth work fluctuations
  • Business decisions can be tested using your actual data, so you know likely outcomes in advance
  • Decisions can be made with a clear goal in mind
  • Actions can be planned to achieve your business and personal objectives

My bookkeeper / accountant does my financials, including providing some feedback and advice. Is the Master Electricians business performance offering still helpful?

Absolutely! Show the platform to your Accountant, they are welcome to use it alongside you.

Bear in mind that you may be paying elsewhere for some of the functionality we are now offering.

My Facilitator doesn’t understand my business?

Our Facilitators are generally ex-tradies with extensive industry experience. They understand your mindset and challenges, a good starting point. They have been trained to facilitate your journey in this system. They are supported by Business Coaching and Financial Analysis experts within Master

Electricians, so if you need help with more in-depth analysis, please ask us. All feedback is absolutely welcome, we will continue to learn the best way to support you and add value.

I don’t use Xero (accounting software), is this service offering still appropriate?

There are several benefits to this system, some of which are outlined above. Being able to integrate your financial accounts enables financial analysis and end to end (pipeline to payment) tracking. This functionality is currently only available with Xero, though that will change over time.

However, with software other than Xero, you can use the business Performance and learning aspects of this service to better understand and manage your business. This may be achieved by learning how to think differently, how to work ‘on’ the business, or by proactively managing your pipeline and jobs with a view to minimising fluctuation.