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Sensor Global was born in 2020 with a simple mission to help save the lives of tenants and give property, asset managers and electrical contractors an automated solution to manage compliance requirements.

Smarter and safer smoke alarm systems

Smoke alarms can now become a more viable and lucrative part of your electrical contracting services, thanks to new ‘smart’ alarms that eliminate the need for regular physical inspections. Australian proptech company Sensor Global has introduced an innovative automated smoke alarm system that is revolutionising the way smoke alarms are monitored and managed in rental properties nationwide. Sensor’s smart IoT (Internet of Things) devices and connected cloud-based software system offer remote management, testing, and monitoring of interconnected smoke alarms for the residential housing market. As an electrical trade contractor, you only need to install the smoke alarm and its monitoring system once—no more dealing with annual inspections.

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Increase your margins

Installing this groundbreaking technology enables electrical contractors to offer a more professional and streamlined smoke alarm service to property management clients. The Sensor Hub and Smoke Alarms are connected 24/7 to a software dashboard, and all alarms are automatically tested remotely by the property manager. This means that after providing installation services, you’ll only need to visit the site again if there’s a reported issue. With the Sensor ecosystem, there’s no need to hire teams of skilled staff to visit properties, as all compliance tasks can be handled remotely by the property manager. This allows you to focus on expanding your business and acquiring more clients, as you’ll be working smarter and more efficiently.

Grow your business

There’s no cost to join, and you also receive free installation training guides, a connection app, and software. Sensor is here to assist professionals like you in expanding your property management, community housing, and retirement sector services by providing the latest innovative smart-home compliance and alarm products at affordable rates. You can set up their free software to generate invoices and installation compliance certificates, further reducing your paperwork time. Additionally, you have the option to download an export file compatible with Xero or other accounting systems.

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Secure a competitive advantage

When you join the Sensor Global revolution, you’ll have the opportunity to expand your services for property management clients without the need for low-margin inspections. Sensor’s connected hub automatically conducts remote tests on their smart smoke alarms multiple times a year, ensuring greater safety for tenants and eliminating the need for on-site inspections or compliance test visits on your part. Their intelligent and connected technology automates the compliance process, enabling you to offer a level of compliance service that genuinely sets you apart from your competitors.

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Applicable only at: South Australia, Western Australia & Victoria.

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