Improving access to Australian Standards

Access to required electrical standards will be made more affordable in the future following an announcement by Standards Australia.

Standards are the bible that thousands of Australian workers and businesses use to ensure their work is safe, compliant, reliable, and trusted. The Wiring Rules is as essential to an electricians work as any tool.

Having affordable access to them is a necessity for hundreds of thousands of Australian small businesses. For electrical contractors, certain standards are not a target to aspire to, they are the minimum as dictated by legislation.

Master Electricians Australia (MEA) has welcomed Standards Australia’s decision to immediately extend industry association access to Standards whilst a longer term solution is in development. This means all Master Electricians will continue to be able to access 21 Standards at no cost.  Its one of the many benefits of being an MEA member.

MEA applauds Standards Australia longer term vision to deliver an affordable mobile app model, allowing tradies to easily access the standards they need, when they need them.  This will be of enormous benefit to the entire industry.

MEA would like to thank the thousands of electrical contractors, tradies, and industry partners who voiced their concerns over the proposed changes. We thank Standards Australia for listening to the feedback of industry. MEA will work with Standards Australia to evolve the current model, ensuring standards remain affordable and are easy to access for all. We will continue to keep you updated on progress.

Master Electricians still have access to 21 FREE Standards, in addition to access to the MEA Technical Hotline

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