Advantage Program

Quality systems and procedures to be a Gold Master Electrician

Building your Advantage

The Advantage Program provides participants with business support provided over six key touchpoints annually. Participants will be proactively supported through the program by a dedicated MEA Facilitator.

Program Benefits

The program includes all the benefits of being a Master Electrician, plus you’ll receive proactive business support tools and procedures from a range of industry experts, including:

  • Access to TheCUBE, a facilitated business planning tool enabling you to work on your business to achieve your professional objectives and increase profitability
  • Workplace relations reviews
  • Banking reviews
  • Insurance coverage assessments to ensure your business is protected
  • Apprentice management guidance including tips to unlock state and federal financial incentives
  • Mentoring webinars from key industry icons.

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  • How the Program Works

    Advantage Program participants will have access to six key activities over a 12-month basis, annually.  Activities will include (but are not limited to) an introduction to TheCUBE and providing recommendations to enhance all aspects of your business from B2B legal contract terms through to insurance coverage assessments.

    To become or remain a Gold Master Electrician through the Advantage Program you will need to undertake the quality and safety assessment annually.

  • Program Eligibility

    To be eligible to enter the Advantage Program you need:

    1. to have been a member of Master Electricians Australia for more than 1 year
    2. to have a current electrical contractor’s license
    3. to have an active Safety system (join ME Safety today if you don’t have a system)

    To join, call 1300 889 198 or email

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  • Annual Assessment

    Annual assessment modules

    If you have run a contracting business or have experience in a senior contracting role, you will have an appreciation of what is required to become a Gold Master Electrician. The assessment is split into six modules, with different points weighted to each.

    1. MEMBERSHIP – you’ll be a ‘financial’ Master Electricians member, with a good credit history, and subscribe to the Master Electricians Code of Ethics.
    2. SAFETY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM – you’ll be an active user of a recognised safety system, such as ME Safety.
    3. STAFF SKILLS AND COMPETENCIES – you’ll have points awarded for maintaining staff licenses and performing regular assessments to ensure your staff are fit for work.
    4. PROFESSIONAL CONDUCT your professional conduct and image will be assessed and to ensure you’re improving all the time (we’ll help you focus on key points).
    5. PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT – you’ll attend relevant training courses and participate in industry events. The online portal will recognise and record this.
    6. BUSINESS PLANNING – you’ll have a business plan and review process (we’ll guide you with this).

    All modules align to Australian standards where applicable. A maximum of 100 points can be awarded for successful completion of all modules. A minimum of 60 points is required to pass assessment.

    Getting started on your assessment

    It is expected to take 3-4 hours to complete the online self-assessment tool.

    • Access ‘MEA Accreditation’ through your ME Safety Portal.
    • Undertake the online self-assessment.
    • Benchmark your progress.
    • Identify where you need assistance.
    • Contact MEA so we can guide you on the next steps.

    You can undertake the online self-assessment in one sitting, or several sittings as the online tool can be saved and resumed at your convenience (always hit ‘save’ – not ‘submit’ – until you are ready to provide it to MEA or your most senior staff member).

    Gaining the 60 points

    As you complete the online self-assessment tool, you will be provided with instructions on what to do if you do not meet the requirements of a question.

    If you don’t meet certain requirements, you can implement the changes needed and then go back and re-answer when you are ready. The point system is ‘active’ and continuously updates.

    Remember you have 12 months to gain your initial 60 points!

    If you need help or training, contact us.

    Email MEA

  • Existing Gold Master Electrician Refresher Timeframe

    The MEA Accreditation Program has been renamed the Advantage Program and now includes a range of additional benefits for our members. Members in the Advantage Program have to gain the minimum 60 points required to maintain or achieve Gold Master Electrician status.

    Once you achieve the required points, MEA will continue to work with you each year to provide support and ensure that your systems evolve in line with industry and professional needs.

    Steps to access your online portal:

    1. Head to the ME Safety portal at
    2. Enter your login details:
      Your username is either your unique email address or your (First) name (Last) name e.g. Jon Smith
    3. If you do not know your password click the forgot your password link and follow the onscreen prompts/email links
    4. Once you have successfully logged into the ME Safety portal you will see:
    5. If you do not see this screen head to the bottom of the page and choose Accreditation from the drop-down menu
  • Code of Ethics

    Advantage Program members must set an example of the qualities customers and the regulator desire.

    Code of Ethics

  • Pricing

    The Advantage Program pricing is based on the size of your business (excluding office and part-time staff), and is available in either monthly instalments or annually.

    ** all amounts quoted INCLUDE GST
    1/06/2021 – 31/05/2022

    Employees Monthly Annual Fee
    1-3 $177.00 $2,124.00
    4-6 $215.75 $2,589.00
    7-10 $262.08 $3,145.00
    11-20 $334.42 $4,013.00
    21-50 $450.75 $5,409.00
    51-75 $720.83 $8,650.00
    76+ $969.50 $11,634.00

    Pricing includes MEA membership and program fees.


  • Frequently Asked Questions
    What is the Advantage Program?

    The Advantage Program provides participants with essential business support provided over six key touchpoints annually.

    Who is eligible to join?

    All Master Electricians Australia members who have been a member of Master Electricians Australia in excess of 1 year. The member must hold ME Safety Essential or ME Safety Pro, or have an approved safety system.

    How much does the Advantage Program cost?

    For more information on program costs, please refer to our guide on pricing here.

    How does the Program work?

    Advantage Program participants will participate in six key activities over a 12-month basis, annually.  Participants will be promoted bi-monthly on the service/activity they can access for that month.

    Activities will include (but are not limited to):

    • An introduction to TheCUBE – a facilitated business planning tool
    • Workplace Relations reviews and recommendations
    • Banking reviews
    • Insurance reviews and recommendations (ensuring you have the right insurances in place to protect you, your business and your staff)
    • Apprentice reviews and recommendations (how to recruit, funding support, processes and compliance – if you already have an apprentice and more)

    Do I become a Gold Master Electrician if I join the Advantage Program?

    To become a Gold Master Electrician, you will need to complete an annual quality and safety assessment of your business.  The assessment will be carried out by your MEA Facilitator upon conclusion of your first 12 months in the Advantage Program, with an annual assessment to be completed to maintain Gold Master Electrician status.  If you are an existing Gold Master Electrician but have not held membership with MEA for 20 years or more, you will also need to complete an annual quality and safety assessment of your business to maintain Gold Master Electrician status.

    Learn more about MEA’s Industry Recognition Program.

    Is the Advantage Program the same as the Industry Recognition Program?

    No. The Industry Recognition Program recognises your commitment to safety (system, processes and procedures) and tenure, and the Advantage Program is a holistic business support program providing quality tools to lift and protect your business.  This includes a benchmarking tool and annual assessment.  Upon completion of the assessment you will become a Gold Master Electrician.

    Who are the program partners?

    We’ve partnered with the following industry specialists who are experts in their field. Each partner will work directly with you to review and provide recommendations, specific to your business.  This is all included in the program, no additional cost:

    What is TheCUBE business tool and how does it work?

    TheCube is a digital tool that can provide enormous business support.  Your MEA Facilitator will assist you with set-up. You’ll have support to set your business and personal objectives and short, medium and long-term goals. Your ME Facilitator will contact you regularly to introduce the various ways the platform can add value, you’ll have the know-how to analyse your business and conduct ‘what if’ scenario testing. You’ll be able to deep dive into your P&L and develop action plans.

Program Partners

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