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The Competitive Metering Industry Group (CMIG) represents the accredited metering service providers currently providing metering installation services in the National Electricity Market (NEM).  The CMIG works to promote the development of an efficient, effective and nationally consistent competitive metering market in the NEM by representing the metering industries views on policy and regulation to government, regulatory and industry bodies while supporting the development and publication of:

  • Metering equipment standards that are relevant for the Australian environment but align to international standards wherever possible.
  • Technical standards for metering installations.
  • Safe work guidelines and practices.
  • Coordinated industry representation on appropriate committees.
  • Industry coordination of securing metering installations (Metering Keys and Sealing)

CMIG member organisations are members of Master Electricians Australia (MEA) and the CMIG has been convened as a sub-branch of MEA.

CMIG Members


  • Metering Installation Requirements

    In February 2019, the members of CMIG formed a Working Group to develop a guideline for electricity metering installation design requirements.  The objective of the guideline is to ensure that buildings being constructed and upgraded in the NEM can be configured in a manner that supports the safe, efficient, accurate and secure installation of metering equipment.  The guideline has been called the ‘Metering Installation Requirements‘ (MIRs).

    View Terms of Reference for the MIR Working Group

    Version two of the MIR was released on the 10/01/2024 and is designed to be a replacement to the QEMM
    It will be in effect from the 21/02/2024. It will run in conjunction with the QEMM until the QEMM is withdrawn on the 21/08/2024.

    View the MIRs

    Questions in relation to the MIRs should be directed to Metering Providers or via the ‘Contact CMIG’ form below.

    Archive Superseded Versions:

    View the MIR V1.0


  • Code of Practice for Installation of WC meters - initial release

    Code for safe installation of type 4 whole current electricity metering in the National Electricity Market.  This draft code is being adhered to by CMIG members and is scheduled to be reviewed in early 2020 and then released as a final version.

    Download the CMIG Code for safe installation of WC meters

  • Terms of Reference

    Competitive Metering Industry Group Terms of Reference.

    Download the Terms of Reference

  • Remote Services Code

    Smart meters create the opportunity of more efficient field processes to reduce cost on energy consumers. One of these is the ability to remotely disconnect and reconnect properties using a switch in the meters when consumer move out or move in of properties. This removes the need for field workers to visit the premise twice, one to disconnect and again to reconnect the property.

    When service like this are operated remotely to a consumers property, it is import they are delivered in a manner that ensures energy consumers remain safe from electrical hazards.

    The members of CMIG have worked with Energy Retailers to develop an industry code of practice for the safe delivery of these remote services.

    Download the remote services code here

    The development of the code was informed by a Semi Quantitative Risk Assessment (SQRA®) carried out by the respected engineering firm GHD with input from Energy Retailers and Metering Providers.

    Down load the risk assessment here

  • Contact CMIG

    If you have questions regarding a ‘Digital Meter Installation Defect Report’, please contact the Customers Energy Retailer for clarification and assistance. CMIG is not involved in the defect process and will not have details of the defect, customer or retailer involved.