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Lift your business from an electrical contractor to a Gold Master Electrician.

The MEA Master Program is a three year pathway of intensive, pro-active business support. Each month, with support from a dedicated MEA facilitator, you will be guided to implement business tools, systems, processes and procedures to help you build, grow and master your business.

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Year 1

    • Your membership will automatically be upgraded to a Bronze Master Electrician
    • Safety system set-up, process and procedures in place
    • Employment contracts reviewed
    • Insurance policies in place to protect you and your business
    • Legal T&C’s reviewed and updated where necessary
    • Understanding security of payment – your rights
    • Business planning and understanding the financials
    • Invoicing, bookkeeping and marketing review.

Year 2

    • Evolving your safety program
    • Understand apprentice financial packages & support
    • Deeper relationship with suppliers and wholesalers
    • Training requirements and where to access courses
    • Understanding Workplace Relations annual award changes
    • Business plan review and goals update
    • Succesfully complete the first 18 months of the program and you will become a Silver Master Electrician.

Year 3

    • Safety system fully optimised for your business needs
    • Marketing and customer engagement review
    • Complimentary Conference delegate pass
    • Safety meeting and mentoring from industry leaders
    • All systems in place for a fully compliant, safe and profitable business
    • The pinnacle of achievement. Gold Master Electrician status!

Maintaining your advantage

Once you complete the Master Program, you will transition to the Advantage Program and continue to receive ongoing, dedicated support.

MEA and your facilitator will provide you proactive support and advice you can trust, so you can face your business challenges with confidence.

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