An Effective Safety System - Redefined

Working with you to develop a culture of compliance in your business.

The electrical industry, by nature, is a dangerous industry.

With growing regulator scrutiny, it has never been more important to ensure you have a compliant safety system. Our recent survey of nearly 600 electrical contractors listed that safety is one of the key challenges for the coming months.

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to safety in the electrical industry, as depending on the structure of your business, your safety requirements will vary.

You need fast, well-informed advice you can trust, to make sure you take the right steps in operating a safe and sustainable business. Built specifically for the electrical industry, our ME Safety app is a simpler, faster and a more effective way to build a safety culture of compliance at all levels.

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Connect workers on-site with office staff, giving you visibility and efficiency across your business.

Don’t wait days for advice, our national team of advisors help you get answers in real-time.

Cutting edge industry insights and updates as they happen, to keep you informed.

Save on business expenses including insurances, finance, legal advice, recruitment and more.

Your Trusted Local Advisor: Alan McCallum

With nearly a decade of experience helping electrical contractors with their safety, technical and regulatory advice, Alan is your local WA expert with a passion for supporting Master Electricians in running safe and sustainable businesses.

Our national team of Field Support Advisors can provide full support either face-to-face, phone or email whenever you need it. If you want to find out how Alan and MEA can assist you in meeting your safety obligations, you can email or call Alan below. 

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Industry Recognition – Recognising your commitment to Safety.

The team at MEA has always endeavoured to work alongside our members, providing support to operate a safe, sustainable and profitable business. We recognise achieving these goals requires time, experience, a quality safety system supported by appropriate policies and procedures and the ongoing development of business acumen.  

The Industry Recognition Program rewards businesses for their commitment to safety and the industry, allowing them to leverage the trust and recognition of the Master Electrician brand.

Your Pathway to Becoming a Gold Master Electrician

We recognise that every business journey is different, and as such there’s a number of different routes to become a Gold Master Electrician.

There are three pathway options available, which could see you quality automatically:


Tenure Recognition

If you are a current member of an approved association MEA will recognise your tenure, this will accrue towards becoming a Gold Master Electrician.


HSE Certification

If you have HSE certification you will be acknowledged for your commitment to safety and become a Gold Master Electrician immediately, contact us today to get started on your journey to Gold.


MEA Master Program / Advantage Program

If you would like help to work on your business, the Master Program and Advantage Program both provide pathways to becoming Gold Master Electricians.


Gain recognition for your commitment to operating a safe, sustainable and profitable business. 

Redefine your Safety System.

Get guidance on how to develop a culture of compliance within your business.